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How the Hunt for Taxes will Destroy Everything

It really is very astonishing how brain-dead politicians are. The latest stats are showing that residents are increasingly fleeing New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The perpetually rising taxes are just getting insane. We just received this notice ourselves about taxes due in California. Apparently, they must have subpoenaed Amazon to see who has merchandise they are storing […] read more

Chicago’s Hunt for Taxes Goes After Children Playing Games

COMMENT: My sister lives in Chicago. She is looking to leave finally. She told me there is a 9% tax on any amusement like Netflix or PlayStation for her son. You are right. They keep finding things to tax rather than address the problem. This cannot be maintained forever. OT REPLY: This is what happens. […] read more

The LEI is the Means to an End to in the Hunt for Global Taxation

  QUESTION: Hi Marty, I wanted to ask you if you know anything about the LEI (legal entity identifier) that brokers are now requesting from clients who trade forex and other derivatives and who have accounts under a business structure? I recently opened a trading account under a business structure (company/trust) and was only told yesterday […] read more

Bank Wires & the Hunt for Money

QUESTION: Hi Martin, in reference to the mailing of 500k in bank drafts to the US by a Canadian in Canada – I am wondering what your thoughts are in wiring > 50,000 (CAD) to a US brokerage account, as a Canadian citizen? Do you think there may be potential confiscation or holding of wired funds […] read more

The Hunt for Taxes In Spain

COMMENT:  Dear Marty, Hope you are doing great. Recently you may have heard Cristiano Ronaldo, the best football (what you guys wrongfully call soccer 😉 ) player in the world has left Spain’s Real Madrid and signed for Italian Juventus. There are many reasons behind this which involve broken promises of a better salary and […] read more

The Supreme Court Just Destroyed the Economy in the Hunt for Taxes

The Supreme Court in SOUTH DAKOTA v. WAYFAIR, INC, just handed down the most devastating and unconstitutional rule perhaps in American history in a 5-4 ruling that we will look back upon as the straw that broke the back of the economy. The Supreme Court has totally rejected EVERYTHING that the United States was built upon […] read more

Climate & Hunt for Taxes

The leaked UN climate report is very alarming. They are using linear analysis as always and disregard any nonlinear cyclical data. They are urging that a major crisis will take place by 2040 and that countries must clamp down on emissions virtually IMMEDIATELY.  They are arguing to increased taxation and Europe will eagerly follow because […] read more

West Coast & the Insane Socialistic Hunt for Taxes

I have been warning that we are in a battle to the death against the socialists. The West Coast is becoming the place to leave as fast as you possibly can for any business. There are already companies starting to migrate from Silicon Valley to Texas. The migration has begun. More and more Tech firms are […] read more

Germany’s Hunt for Taxes Being Illegally Applied to the Past

  The Hunt for Taxes has now led to criminal charges for manipulating stock ownership to avoid the tax on dividends. There German Attorney General has filed criminal charges against a number of traders for the first time in what is called Cum-Ex transactions. The name seems a bit strange but it involves shifting the […] read more

Hunt for Taxes & the CRS

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I followed your advice and opened an account in the United States. I live in Britain and my daughter lives there in the States so I used her local address. To my shock, it was very easy. You said the USA has become the new tax haven. So the USA is not […] read more