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There is News & Then There is News

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I know people say you are the source many watch. I heard you were posting photos of Russian soldiers in Eastern Ukraine before anyone knew they were there. Then you posted pictures of Frankfurt in flames when there was a blackout by the press reporting the protests against the ECB. Now on […] read more

Google Manipulating the News?

There were allegations raised that Google was manipulating the news to help Hillary. They allegedly steered 2.6 million votes to Hillary and had far more of an impact upon the 2016 election than Russians. A whistleblower at Google has come out and warned that things are getting worse. Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies came out and […] read more

Fake News & Their Conspiracy with the Deep State Exposed

QUESTION: Did the Deep State indict the Russians to sabotage the Trump Putin summit? The Daily News seems to be cheering World War III. What is going on? ANSWER: The Justice Department DELIBERATELY indicted Russians they can never put on trial and it was done days before the summit to intentionally disrupt it and set the […] read more

Why the CNN Fake News & Others are a Major Threat to Democracy

We think of false information as a domestic problem that Trump is in the battle with CNN and the term “fake news” is just political talk. It’s far more dangerous than that. The history books confirm that the Spanish American War was created by the press falsely reporting an attack that never took place. The […] read more

Day One Brings Complaints in Europe Against Google & Facebook

It took only one day for complaints to be filed against Google and Facebook under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of members of the European Parliament, he insisted that Facebook was ready for Friday the 25th when the GDPR, which is the European Union’s new strict data privacy […] read more

“The Forecaster” Makes National News in France

The debut of “The Forecaster” made national news in France and the Finance Minister appeared on TV in response. The fascinating aspect of this entire exercise is expanding the knowledge and awareness that there is a business cycle, its duration, and that we are facing a Sovereign Debt Crisis. Raising awareness is the only reason why I […] read more

ABC News Anchor Leaves Because of Fake News

  One of the prominent faces of ABC news has been Brian Ross, one of their star investigative correspondents. He has been forced to resign because he embarrassed the network late last year when he did an on-air report suggesting former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had been told by President Donald Trump to make […] read more

Google – The New Bank – Rollover BitCoin & Banks – Its the Internet Revolution

The real birth in electronic money is not Bitcoin, but Google Wallet. Standing in line at Starbucks you will see the under 25 crowd pay with their cell phones. Sorry, but Google is already there. Bitcoin cannot compete nor will traditional banks. Just as Amazon reduced book publishers to a subservient role at their direction, […] read more

BBC Fake News in Britain – State Propaganda?

  read more

Fake News & Coronavirus Panic – The Press Must Be Held Accountable!

The Coronavirus Panic has been caused by FAKE NEWS and the press MUST be held accountable. The press is acting irresponsibly and has turned this virus into a major scare. They criticize any politician who dares to disagree as reflected in the Washington Post’s headline: “As much of America takes drastic action, some Republicans remain […] read more