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Welcome to the World Economic Conference document portal. Here you can access materials for the event. To get started, you must enter your email address into the field below. The email address entered must match the email used to purchase your event ticket. Meaning the email is linked to the billing information, not the individual ticket (if different). Once entered, all PDF materials will load and generate a personal watermark with your email address.

**Materials update**

  • All WEC Exclusive Reports have been added to the portal and are available for download or purchase (for virtual ticket holders).
  • WEC Presentation Slides have all been added and are available for download!
  • Model Information Session with Erwin Pletsch presentation slides and complimentary Market Patters report.
  • WEC Attendees Socrates Update has been added to the portal.
  • Bonus “Key Takeaway Slides” with Martin’s additional market commentary has been added and is available for download!

Still to Come: 

  • WEC Exclusive Year-End Report to be posted in Q1 2023

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Reminder – Access to materials is based on ticket level:

  • Virtual attendees will have the ability to purchase any event-exclusive reports directly from the Document Portal for over 50% Discount off the Retail Price. See the Buy Now button next to each report as they become available.
  • Virtual Plus and In-Person attendees will receive all event exclusive reports complimentary.
  • All attendees (both in-person and virtual levels) will receive the latest special report, Politics 2022, presentation slides, video recordings, and Key Takeaway slides.

For a complete list of what comes with each ticket level, go to our AE Events page by Clicking Here. If you would like to make changes to your ticket level, please email [email protected]

To get started, enter the email associated with your ticket purchase in the field below. Meaning the email linked to the billing information, not the individual ticket holder (if different).

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Thank you again for your participation in this year’s event!!