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Project Veritas has 200 Hours of CNN Audio leaks

Project Veritas has 200 hours of audio recordings from inside CNN and they have asked for help in transcribing everything. CNN is already trashing James O’Keefe reporting he has a questionable background. The tactic CNN has adopted is to kill the messenger since they cannot dispute the leaks the same as the Democrats who blame Russia’s hack […] read more

Powell Confirms Israel has 200 Nuclear Warheads

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s private emails reveal a lot more than a very questionable Hillary. The leak by hackers has revealed that Powell confirmed that Israel has nuclear weapons and has amassed 200 warheads. Of course, Israel has never confirmed that have any nuclear weapons. The very existence of its weapons has been classified information by […] read more

We may now Live for 200 years – OMG We Really Need Political Reform!

    Chinese researchers have artificial blood vessels made of a material that will offer stability while enabling the growth of new cells. The researchers in Shanghai used to a special type of 3-D printing and paper-thin threads. The vascular graft is surgically attached to a damaged or clogged artery to allow the blood to flow or […] read more

NSA Collects more than 200 Million Text Messages Per Day

The Guardian has reported that the NSA has been collecting 200 million text messages per day. This is not about terrorism – it is about the obsession to know when (1) people will rise up in the USA and begin protesting, which appears to be 2017, and (2) taxes looking for spare change everywhere. They […] read more

Taxing Financial Transactions – Why Did Interest Rates hit 200% in 1899

The European idea of taxing financial transactions is nothing new. The EU aims to tax financial institutions a minimum of 0.1% on purchases of shares, bonds and other securities, and a minimum of 0.01% on the notional amount of derivatives traded either on- or off-exchange. Historical evidence indicates that this will discourage foreign investment while increasing […] read more

Less than 200 English DVDs Left at Amazon for Christmas Gifts

The Forecaster DVD is now available on Amazon in English. Use the link above for purchase. (Review of the Film available in LA Weekly) By Chris Packham The story of espionage and duplicity that financial adviser Martin Armstrong relates in Marcus Vetter’s documentary The Forecaster is as serpentine and fascinating as a John le Carré novel. Its narrative thread convincingly […] read more

Unemployed Youth Exceed 200 million

A United Nation study has reported that about 206 million people are now unemployed. This is the cost of socialism taxing the rich so there is no job creation with nearly half of that number amounting to youth under 25 years old. The economy on a global scale is terribly weak. This UN annual report […] read more

EU To Limit Cash Withdrawals to 100-200 Euros per day If a Bank Goes Down

The model in Cyprus of limiting cash withdrawals from banks is being adopted in the EU for the entire system. The European idea of socialism is the sustainability of the government – not the survival of the people. Europe continues to destroy its economic future by undermining public confidence in their entire financial system, read more

Two-Tier Monetary Systems & Local Alternative Currencies

Throughout history there has been countless two-tier monetary systems where at times there have been a local currency issued by the immediate government, yet the people rely upon the currency of another government. Such periods are interesting for they are not official but emerge by the people rather than through a decree of a government. […] read more

Gaius Julius Caesar – 44BC

Dictator, 48 – 44 BC Born 100 BC – Assassinated 44 BC, age 56 Temple of Alexandria & the Black Bust of Caesar Commissioned by Cleopatra Gaius Julius Caesar was born to an aristocratic family. His parents were Gaius Julius Caesar and Aurelia. Julius was born on July 13th, 100 BC for whom the month of July is named. During […] read more