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Do We really Hold: In God We Trust?

  QUESTION: I was wondering some of your thoughts on “God” and “The Creator” throughout US history? Is “In God We Trust” really a statement that if our most basic rights such as speech are not licensed by a government, then they are natural and thus come from God? Thus cannot be denied through evidence otherwise? What are the […] read more

Government & God – Obama Threatens the Vatican

Anyone who thinks government respects religion had better stop watching sports and drinking too much. There is a whole different reality waiting for you. Obama threatened to shutdown the Catholic Church from receiving any money out of the USA, or sending any money to the USA unless it complied with FATCA. Obama, showing his true […] read more

Do You Believe in God?

I was asked an interesting question: “Do you believe in God?” I think most people believe in some form of a higher being and the exact form will differ around the world. Whatever the religion, there is a common theme – do unto others as you would have them do to you. Even back in Ancient […] read more

Clarification – Government Believes it is God

Of course God cannot be overruled by government, but those in government think so. I do not believe in government as some benevolent entity that really cares about the people. They only care about themselves. The entire modern Civil Asset Forfeiture was the ancient practice of Deodand which is a thing forfeited or given to God specifically as […] read more

Is God Dead?

COMMENT: Marty, Happy New Year and thanks for your work. It appears to me that climate change has gone past the point of no return with the Fed now targeting climate change. Do you think that an alternate analysis will ever take hold? I don’t think that severe cooling at this point will change any minds. […] read more

Vespasian: “I Think I’m Becoming a God”

QUESTION: Greetings Mr. Armstrong, Do we know if Vespasian meant his last words as ironic or literally? It seems that a man of his history meant it ironically. That he was mocking the Roman idea of the emperors that they would become a god after their death. Thanks, A ANSWER: Vespasian was known for his […] read more

Merkel Invokes God to Justify Her Acceptance of Refugees

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is desperate to justify her actions. Refugees are pouring into Germany after Merkel stated to a German newspaper that the “right to political asylum has no limits on the number of asylum seekers.” Her comment came one day after Obama praised her protection of the refugees. Many Germans are questioning the […] read more

‘World knows Trump won #MAGA’

A banner was flying in Britain “WORLD KNOWS TRUMP WON #MAGA read more

Where to Hide – Nobody Knows Just Yet

QUESTION: Signor Armstrong, anni fa ho letto il libro di Ayn Rand, la Rivolta di Atlante, lei mi ricorda tanto John Galt e Socrates la sua tecnologia segreta. Secondo Lei, esiste anche un posto dove andare a rifugiarsi nel periodo buoi? Grazie per illuminarci la strada. ODL ANSWER: There is no question that Bill Gates’ […] read more

Why I Thank God I am Not 25

QUESTION: Mr Armstrong, In this morning’s blog you stated that the Dems are trying to take control of the power in Chicago, which I assume is the plan for everywhere eventually. My question is; In your opinion is the fact they are being so blatant in their attack on our freedoms indicate that they are […] read more