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Gaius Julius Caesar – 44BC

Dictator, 48 – 44 BC Born 100 BC – Assassinated 44 BC, age 56 Temple of Alexandria & the Black Bust of Caesar Commissioned by Cleopatra Gaius Julius Caesar was born to an aristocratic family. His parents were Gaius Julius Caesar and Aurelia. Julius was born on July 13th, 100 BC for whom the month of July is named. During […] read more

Two-Tier Monetary Systems & Local Alternative Currencies

Throughout history there has been countless two-tier monetary systems where at times there have been a local currency issued by the immediate government, yet the people rely upon the currency of another government. Such periods are interesting for they are not official but emerge by the people rather than through a decree of a government. […] read more

On The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation Part 3

Chapter 23: On Bounties on Production It may not be uninstructive to consider the effects of a bounty on the production of raw produce and other commodities, with a view to observe the application of the principles which I have been endeavouring to establish, with regard to the profits of stock, the division of the […] read more

Failure of the Quantity of Money Theory

QUESTION: Marty; Are you saying that Bill Gross is wrong and they will not try “helicopter money” again or that “helicopter money” will not stimulate the economy? ANSWER: Whether or not the Fed tries to apply “helicopter money” is highly debatable. Bill Gross DID NOT make a forecast that any QE (Quantitative Easing) would be successful or […] read more

Australian Corruption

COMMENT FROM AUSTRALIA: Hi Marty, Australians are going through their own process of revulsion at the behaviour of politicians. Our Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is finding the dirt connecting both sides of politics.×89.html REPLY: It is systemic – it is everywhere. Republics ALWAYS degenerate into oligarchies without exception. read more

Modern-Day Serfdom is the End Goal?

QUESTION: Regarding the G7, which committed us to more stimulus, I can totally see where this is going. You are the historian. Do you not think this is where we end up – capitatio-lugatio. Same exact pattern. Anonymous ANSWER: For those who are not familiar with capitatio-lugatio, this was the tax collection system developed by Diocletian […] read more

Byzantine Empire

Monetary History of The Byzantine Empire Currently under construction     Constantinian dynasty (306-363) 1. Constantine I (Constantinus Pius Felix Invictus Augustus Pontifex Maximus Pater Patriae Proconsul; 272 – 337; ruled 306 – 337) – son of Constantius Chlorus 2. Constantius II (Flavius Iulius Constantius; 317 – 361; ruled 337 – 361) – son of […] read more

Kazakhstan – NATO & The ECM into 2032

There is a confrontation in the wind. Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister and special negotiator in the US-Russia talks in Geneva, bluntly states that NATO can no longer “push” Russia to a minor role in European and international politics. NATO must return to the borders of 1997. Russia is blaming the US for the […] read more

Why Austrian School of Economics is Outdated

QUESTION: Marty; would you comment on David Stockman’s insistence that the fundamental consequence of 30 years of Fed-fueled financial asset inflation is that the prices of stocks and bonds have way overshot the mark. Thank you HW ANSWER: David Stockman was the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (1981–1985) under President Ronald Reagan. […] read more

Did Tariffs Cause Great Depression?

The causes of the Great Depression have been debated for decades. The problem with all of the analysis is this same attempt to reduce the cause to a single event. In school, we read the Great Crash by Galbraith. He was a socialist so he blamed the corporations and never bothered to ever even mention the […] read more