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PRIVATE BLOG – Panic of 2023 Part II

PRIVATE BLOG – Panic of 2023 Part II Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates or to learn more, please visit read more

Trading v Forecasts

COMMENT: Marty; you should not be so hard on yourself. Nobody has tried harder than you to alter the outcome. Socrates is just unbeatable. I shared your hope that gold would have just cracked $1000 and that would have been a sling-sot up. But it stopped at $1045 and the reversals were elected and that […] read more

The End of Freedom & Our Right to Even Vote

Naturally, I have received emails from those on the left and Elon Musk appears to be rising to that coveted spot of hatred once monopolized by Trump. Musk has outright suggested that Twitter was acting under government orders to suppress free speech, with his remarks coming hot on the heels of the release of a […] read more

How Mainstream Media is Destroying the United States

It is becoming clear day by day why the mainstream media has been so against Elon Musk buying Twitter for as they say in law enforcement, there is a “Blue Code” where cops do not rat on cops and the same is true about judges. Mainstream media is so LEFT it has forgotten how to […] read more

PRIVATE BLOG – Panic of 2023?

PRIVATE BLOG – Panic of 2023? Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates or to learn more, please visit read more


COMMENT: Thank you for all you do. Your input has guided me well. I suspect my Bank is in deep trouble. _____ bank in ____ CA. They specialize in small business. First red flag was freezing my account for no reason. I then bounced a check because my account was frozen. They could not give […] read more

Chaos in Brazil

  There are no coincidences in politics. The Brazil election was also rigged by the international accord seeing to seize global power for the Great Reset and hand jurisdiction to the United Nations. This is not going to end well even for Klaus Schwab whose WEF is in fact attempting to take over the world […] read more

Germany Ordering Farmers No Fertilizer

Germany is to comply virtually immediately with the EU directive to end fertilizer following the same path as the Netherlands. There is just no support in the data for Climate Change Mania. This is part of an agenda that will no doubt reduce the population along with the termination of fossil fuels. These people want […] read more

Sponsianus (244AD)

  A second usurper from the Danube region, which today they claim is Ukraine.  Sponsianus appears to have come to power briefly in Dacia defending the area from an invasion of Germanic tribes of the Alamanni in 244AD during the early reign of Philip I (244-249AD) based upon coin finds bearing the name Sponsianus who […] read more

HHS & Children Sex Trafficing?

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