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The Treaty of Rome & 2020

QUESTION: I believe back at your 1985 WEC, if I remember correctly, besides the 2016 target for the first opportunity for a third party type president, you also gave the date 2021 for the potential breakup of the Treaty of Rome. Could you refresh my memory on that one? See you in Rome Thanks as […] read more

Political Change in 2020 or 2016

QUESTION:  Dear Marty, We are heading straight into the hurricane, and as you correctly say, there is no way of reversing the trend. At this point, should Hillary (or Cruz for that matter) win the elections, she would have to face and preside over the coming inevitable crash and burn. This would be the only […] read more

Russia’s Goal to Resurrect its Empire by 2020 & Rain of the Parade of a United Europe

Putin has bluntly stated that the fall of the Soviet Union was the greatest tragedy of the 20th century and he was to see it resurrected (minus communism) by 2020. Russia clearly has its eyes set on bigger goals than just Ukraine. It is using the issue of ethnic Russians need their protection in places […] read more

German Economy Turning Down Hard into 2020

The German economy is what holds up Europe. The data on the industrial sector in Germany is out and it has disappointed everyone once again with production dropping 0.8% month-on-month in January 2019. January’s contraction was driven by a steep drop in capital goods output and a fall in intermediate goods production. However, consumer goods […] read more

The Coming French Revolution of 2020?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Thank you for coming to Paris. You said the civil unrest would rise in France going into 2018 and there was a risk of another French Revolution in 2020. You mentioned that when surrounded by many people on the Champs–Élysées. Since then  I have paid attention and there is a rising discussion […] read more

Solar Cycle 24 to Bottom with the Economic Confidence Model 2020

The deep minimum of Solar Cycle 23 and its potential impact on climate change has been interesting. In addition, a source region of the solar winds at solar activity minimum, especially in the Solar Cycle 23, the deepest during the last 500 years, has been studied. Solar activities have had a notable effect on palaeoclimatic changes. […] read more

Putin’s Pitch to Host 2020 World Exposition

The 2020 World Expo will be hosted by Dubai. This old video shows Putin speaking in English and pitching for Russia to be considered as a host for the World Expo. Obama reignited the Cold War instead of giving Russia the respect it was demanding. It is all about respect and recognition, which is what […] read more

Fed’s Leaked Internal Forecast into 2020

COMMENT #1: Marty, I can see why the government said you manipulate the world. The countless people who plagiarize whatever you and your computer forecast is unbelievable. There are people claiming the world will end on October 1st to others trying to pretend they have the same model giving the date as October 7th. Then […] read more

Will Trump Lose in 2020? But to Who?

  There is a very interesting aspect of our model which will begin to come into play in 2020. The cycle is changing here in 2019 and we are entering a period of a new political trend into 2023. This not such a great thing for either party. What is clearly taking place is that […] read more

The Difference between 2020 and 2032

QUESTION: Hi Martin, My girlfriend brought up a point about your work during coffee this morning. Basically, she’s confused about the two dates you often mention, 2020 and 2032. She wants to know which date (2020, 2032) you expect the markets move into crises mode due to the lack of confidence in government. I tried to […] read more