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Biden Declares – America is Back – to Defend EU Against Russia

Biden has reversed everything that Trump has done. Even with respect to Russia and NATO. Biden has said the US will be more effective in dealing with Russia and will work in coalition and coordination of NATO with other like-minded partners. Joe Biden has declared “America is back” to help Europe protect itself against Russian […] read more

Russia Imports More than it Sells – Oops – More Craziness

Sanctions upon Russia are more-likely-than-not going to backfire. Russia imports food from the West while it may sell gas to Europe. However, Russia imports more goods than it produces, and this trend can be reversed by sanctions. If I were Putin, I would put a tariff on imported food to match sanctions and hurt the […] read more

Obama Blames Russia for Exposing DNC & Hillary Fraud – Sorry, Not Likely

Obama has come out and blamed Russia for hacking the DNC. This, of course, is a diversion to create sympathy for Hillary and change the top of fraud, lies, and conspiracy against Bernie. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has responded by saying that “there is no proof whatsoever” that Russian intelligence is behind the thousands of hacked […] read more

American Imperialism – Why Congress Violates International Law

We have a very serious problem with Congress. Their actions in far too many ways is displaying (1) a total disregard for international law, and (2) a clear arrogance that they will punish foreigners for not obeying US law outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. What if Germany passed a law to punish […] read more

The Key How to Create a Bloodless Revolution

I have previously explained that I was advising some people in Ukraine on how to turn their revolution into a success. I had explained that the turning point requires convincing the army/police to turn against the government because they inevitably get drunk with their own power and PRESUME that they are the true creator of […] read more

German Yields Decline for Lack of Confidence or Expectation of Lower Rates at the Fed?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Do you agree with Bloomberg that the yield on German bunds has declined in anticipation of the Fed lowering rates? JV ANSWER: No  The falling yields on German government debt is simply intensifying the trade to buy German and short everything in the South in anticipation of a failed Euro. Also, there has […] read more

Difference Between Hyperinflation and Currency Inflation

QUESTION: What is the difference between asset inflation and hyperinflation? I believe you are saying that from Jan 2020 we will see inflation which I understand to be asset inflation? Thanks FL ANSWER: Asset inflation is typically a reflection of a decline in the value of the currency, but this can be 50% over the […] read more

The Divorce Agreement to Avoid Revolution

  Here is something that is going viral. It is the reality of our political-economic situation as we head into 2032 and begin to watch this cascade out of control come 2020. If we do not respect what is written here, there will be no choice for society and it will lead to revolution and […] read more

Bernie Sanders Takes Lead – Democrats Blame Russia

Bernie Sanders leads the Iowa Poll for the first time, just weeks before the Iowa caucuses. The fact that Joe Biden is now running in fourth place has the Democrats insisting that there needs to be an investigation because Russia must be behind the fact that Biden cannot save the party. The Democrats have insisted […] read more

The Forecaster Movie – The Bankers & Russia

  At the Amsterdam debut of the Forecaster, a rather high up person from Russia Attended. After watching the film, he was in shock. He said this has to be shown in Moscow. It deals with one of the most talked about topics in Russia back in the day. The film will debut in Russia. I […] read more