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The Euro on Yearly Models – Let the Crazy Times Roll

QUESTION: Reviewing the private blog, at the end of 2016 on December 31 you wrote “When it comes to the Euro, the Major Yearly Bearish Reversal lies at 10365 and the intraday low for 2016 was 10352 closing the year at 10513. This too warns that we may not be ready to meltdown just yet.” […] read more

The Rush to the Euro with QE Ending?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You have been calling for the dollar to decline against the Euro and it should test the 125 level. Do you see the dollar continuing to decline which then breaks the back of Europe with deflation and then everything flips? WK ANSWER: Last year was an outside reversal to the upside meaning […] read more

Market Talk – August 1, 2019

ASIA: Tensions continue to mount in Hong Kong as protests are still occurring regarding the Chinese extradition laws. China released a video as a deterrent to those who think about carrying out riots in the region. The video is three minutes long and shows military carrying out “anti-riot” exercises. This video shows that there is […] read more

Market Talk – June 9, 2021

ASIA: China has denounced a US Senate bill worth approximately $250bn that aims to boost American technology and manufacturing prowess as an example of the US hyping up “the so-called China threat,” and accused Washington of attempting to hinder its development. The Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the Innovation and Competition Act. The expansive legislation, […] read more

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban – Be Careful What You Wish For

The Supreme Court upheld Trump’s Travel Ban, which is absolutely correct under the executive powers. This illustrates the entire problem in law. If you try to get cute and challenge absolutely every little thing, you may very well lose the war and the battle. Trump’s original Travel Ban was temporary pending a review by the […] read more

Student Loan Petition to White House

REQUEST:  Dear Mr. Armstrong: I am trying to discharge student loan in the bankruptcy court, and it is very tough battle. I am in the situation that it is all out war with the U.S. Department of Education. I have been reading your blog for more than a year now and found that we have […] read more

Migrating Poles

COMMENT: Your stance on the global climate is absolutely correct. Global temperatures remain in a serious downtrend since the Minoan peak. As the Greenland ice cores show, today’s climate is COLDER than 90% of the past 10,000 years! The warming zealots are screaming about CO2, which has risen sharply in the last 150 years (well above […] read more

The Trump Tax Cut, the Pass-Through, & Multinationals

The Trump Tax Reform is a very major deal. There are seven brackets in today’s individual tax code. The Senate version of the Trump Reform is not a windfall for the rich lowering their bracket from 39.6% to just 38.5%. The seven tax brackets currently are: 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, 35%, and 39.6%.  Changes […] read more

The Germania and Agricola (in Latin & English) – Tacitus

The GERMANIA and AGRICOLA Of Caius Cornelius Tacitus With Notes for Colleges By W. S. Tyler Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages in Amherst College PREFACE. This edition of the Germania and Agricola of Tacitus is designed to meet the following wants, which, it is believed, have been generally felt by teachers and pupils […] read more

Part III – 1154-1470

Monetary History of England Henry II Silver Penny Part III 1154-1470 by Martin A. Armstrong PLANTAGENET KINGS c1154-1399 With the treaty in which Matilda’s son Henery II (1154-1189) came to the throne, the coinage of England did not immediately reflect the political change. The coinage Stephen continued to be minted until 1158 before a new […] read more