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Market Talk- August 29th, 2017

Back to geopolitical risks again today after North Korea spooked markets with yet more missile test, but this time flying over Japan. All Asia markets were hit as a result of this, with a rush into safe-haven assets such as gold, oil and treasuries. Interesting that oil traded heavy even as the news hit the […] read more

Market Talk- August 25, 2017

Main talking point out of Asia this morning were the continued strong earnings reports and the subsequent buying conviction. In Hong Kong the Hang Seng gained over 1.2% whilst the domestic Shanghai index rallied near 2% after earnings beat expectations to finish the week well bid. We saw solid gains in Financials, energy, communications and […] read more

Terrorists Using Britain to Stage Terrorism into Europe

The terrorist Islamic State (IS) has, according to the London Sunday Times, set up a network of companies in an office in Cradiff (Wales) in Britain which sent military equipment to Spain as well as it is financing terrorist attacks against the West. The Times has included the relevant FBI documents which reveal that surveillance technology […] read more

City of Seattle Runs Out of Things to Tax – Now Wants to Impose Income Tax

The Seattle City Council has run out of things to tax so they have unanimously voted to impose an income tax upon the “rich”, and of course we all know that will eventually move to include everyone. The city claims it will raise $140 million and it will cost $10-13 million to set up, and […] read more

Market Talk- June 15, 2017

China’s Industrial Data release marginally above expectation but Investments let them down and tended to quell afternoon anticipation and we closed only small positive. It may also have been the weakness of other core markets that also had an impact as both Hang Seng and ASX closed over 1.2% down the pair. It was energy yet […] read more

Market Talk- May 11th, 2017

A positive day across the board for Asian equity indices with KOSPI setting the pace (+1.16%) creating new records as it goes and with the ASX just managing a small +0.5% profit. The Nikkei continued its run (+0.3%) but remains under the psychological 20k mark, even as the Yen traded with a 114 handle. The […] read more

Largest New Discovery of Oil in USA Puts USA in Top Ten

Another major discovery of oil has been made in Alaska of 1.2 billion barrels. It is the largest find of conventional oil for 30 years on US territory. The discovery was made by the Spanish oil company Repsol on Thursday with its US partner Armstrong Energy. According to a report from the company, the production […] read more

A Woman’s Right to Equality Has Changed due to Socialism

When many people see great political leaders or business leaders, the shocking realization is that they mostly see only men. Why is that? The answer is actually cultural which has been embedded since ancient times, but not in all cultures. In ancient Rome, women had the office of the Vestal Virgin (Latin: Vestales) who were the priestesses […] read more

9th Circuit Rules Against Trump? Really?

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled to continue blocking enforcement of President Trump ’s travel ban. They did NOT strike it down. This is a procedural order granting a STAY until all the ramifications are decided. The unanimous decision of the Court of Appeals simply means that a stay preventing a ban […] read more

The United States will become Just the “States”

COMMENT: Marty; I believe you are right. We are headed into civil war and the Democrats and press are determined to overthrow the government. Trump’s ban on immigration was temporary until this can be investigated and proper procedures put in place. It is only a 120-day hold on allowing refugees into the country,  a 90-day bar […] read more