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Domitianus – 268 AD

Domitianus Gallic Usurper circa 268 AD Gaius Domitianus was a usurper known from several sources. He is said to have been the victor over the Emperor Macrianus. However, it has also been suggested that Macrianus was defeated by Aureolus, the rebel general of the siege of Milan (see Gallienus). After his victory (over someone), Domitianus […] read more

Claudius II Gothicus – 268-270 AD

Claudius Gothicus II Emperor 268-270 AD Born 214 Died 270 AD Marcus Aurelius Valerius Claudius Gothicus II was most likely from Upper Moesia. Claudius’ appears to have been an accomplished soldier originally serving as a tribune under Trajanus Decius and Valerian I. Under Valerian, Claudius rose to the highest rank of supreme commander of the legions in the […] read more

Tetricus II Caesar – 270-273 AD

TETRICUS II Caesar 270 – 273AD Son of the Last Usurper of Gaul Gaius Pius Esuvius Tetricus II was the son of Tetricus I. He was raised to the rank of Caesar at the time of his father’s accession. Aurelian was determined to retake the Gallo-Roman Empire that had been established by Postumous. Upon Aurelian’s […] read more

Tetricus I – 270-273 AD

TETRICUS I 270 – 273 AD Last Emperor of Gallic Empire Gaius Pius Esuvius Tetricus was the last of the Gallo-Roman Emperors. Tetricus was Governor of Aquitama and had been a Senator from an old noble family. Following the death of Victorinus, Tetricus, through the influence of Victoria, the mother of Victorinus, was proclaimed Emperor. Almost […] read more

Victorinus – 268 AD

Victorinus Gallic Emperor 268 – 270AD Marcus Piavonius Victorinus was a soldier of considerable ability. Victorinus had risen to a high position under the Gallic Emperor Postumus and was widely considered to be his logical successor to the newly found throne of the Gallo-Roman Empire. After the assassination of Marius, Victorinus indeed at last became the Gallo-Roman Emperor. […] read more

Marius – 268 AD

Marius Gallic Emperor 268 AD Marcus Aurelius Marius was a blacksmith by trade. Marius was one of the “Thirty Tyrants” named inHistoria Augusta during the late 3rd century AD. He apparently joined the Roman army and rose through its ranks to reach the elevated status of an officer. Following the death of the Gallic Emperor Postumus, Marius […] read more

Laelianus – 268 AD

Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus 268 AD Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus was one of the Thirty Tyrants listed in Historia Augusta during the late 3rd century AD. Laelianus led a revolt against the Gallic Emperor Postumus from the city of Mainz (Moguntiacum). His attempt to take the throne was ultimately unsuccessful. It is not known whether he was killed by Postumus (259-268AD) or […] read more

Postumus – 260-268 AD

Postumus 260-268 AD Marcus Cassianius Latinius Postumus was a soldier who rose to the rank of commander in the Rhine legions under the emperor Valerian I. It appears that perhaps when Valerian I was captured during the spring of 260AD. Perhaps this was the moment when Postumus made his move and the troops did not support […] read more

Dryantilla – Wife

Sulpicia Dryantilla Wife of Regalianus Sulpicia Dryantilla was the daughter of Sulpicius PoIho and Claudia Ammiana. Dryantilla was most likely the wife of Regalianus at the time of his usurpation following the death of Valerian I. Other than these basic facts, nothing else has survived. Monetary System The coinage struck in the name of Dryantilla […] read more

Regalianus – 260-261 AD

Regalianus Antoninianus overstruck on silver denarius 260 AD P. Gaius Regalianus was a native of Dacia and may have been a descendant of Decebalus, the famous king of Dacia who was defeated by Trajan. Regalian was married to Sulpicia Dryantilla, daughter of Sulpicius PoIho, for whom he also struck coinage in addition to himself. Nonetheless, Regalianus was […] read more