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Market Talk – March 18, 2019

Asia: Huawei, the Chinese smartphone maker, said the company will look at building its own OS as a plan B if a ban is extended to US-based Google and Microsoft. A green day for the major Asian stock markets: Hang Seng increased 396.75 points (1.37%) to 29,409.01; Shanghai increased 74.67 points (2.47%) to 3,096.42; NIKKEI […] read more

Market Talk – March 15, 2019

Asia: At the conclusion of the annual National People’s Congress meeting, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that Beijing is prepared to support a slowing economy by cutting reserve requirements and interest rates if needed. Followed by the good news, the Shanghai Composite index increased 31.07 points (+1.04%) to 3,022 this Friday. The rest of the […] read more

Market Talk – March 14, 2019

Asia: The much-anticipated trade deal between China and the U.S. may be pushed back once again, according to a new Bloomberg report. Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump were expected to meet in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, later this month to discuss terms. However, reports are that the meeting may not take place until […] read more

Market Talk – March 12, 2019

Asia: Most of the major Asian markets closed in the green today. Increases were led by NIKKEI 225 (+378.60 points, +1.79%, 21,504 close), followed by Hang Seng (+417.57 points, +1.47%, 28,921 close). SENSEX and Shanghai increased +481.56 points (+1.30%, 37,536 close) and +33.31 points (+1.1%, 3,060 close) respectfully. KOSPI also increased +19.08 points (+0.89%, 2,157 […] read more

Market Talk – March 11, 2019

Asia: A mixed day for the major Asian stock markets; Shanghai led the way after adding 57.13 points (+1.92%, 3027 close), followed by SENSEX (+382.67 points, +1.04%, 37,054 close). Hang Seng and NIKKEI 225 increased 274.88 points (+0.97%, 28,503 close) and 103.16 points (+0.49%, 21,122 close) respectfully. HOSPI and ASX200 took the opposite route, losing […] read more

Food Riots of 1795 Due to Climate Change

The British had a long tradition of striking tokens for political purposes. There were political tokens against the American Revolution. Some pictured Thomas Paine being hanged for writing his Common Sense. There was Climate Change back then as well and it resulted in massive riots over shortages of food. The British also even issued a […] read more

Market Talk – March 8, 2019

Asia: A down day for all the major Asian stock markets due to the weak China trade data. Chinese exports for the month of February decreased from 9.1% to -20.7%. This was the biggest fall in three years. Imports also fell 5.2% in the world’s second largest economy. Chinese stocks had a biggest daily loss […] read more

Market Talk – March 7, 2019

Asia: President Trump says he is optimistic that a landmark trade deal with China is near completion, however, reports suggest that Chinese officials do not feel the same. The latest news with Huawei suing the US over a product ban does not help the overall situation. A mixed day for Asian stocks: Shanghai rose 5 […] read more

The Sex Trade & Trump’s Wall

The recent incident involving Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s solicitation charges only reveals the strange opposition to Trump’s wall by the Democrats. Kraft was charged with soliciting prostitution in a massage parlor in Florida from young girls brought across the Mexican border and Asia for the sex trade. The Associated Press reported that about 200 arrests warrants were issued in […] read more

Market Talk – March 5, 2019

Asia: China’s Premier Li Keqiang stated that China will face a graver and more complicated environment as well as risks and challenges that are greater in both number and size (in the coming future). He also reduced GDP growth expectation for 2019 from around 6.5% last year to 6%-6.5% this year. A 2 trillion (CNY) […] read more