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Plautilla – Wife

Plautilla Wife of Caracalla Plautilla was the daughter of the powerful Praetorian Prefect Plautianus, who had been a close friend of Septimus Severus. Plautilla was married to Caracalla in 202 AD against his will. Caracalla literally hated his wife and vowed to have her killed when he became Emperor, a promise which he would most certainly keep. On […] read more

Caracalla – 198-217AD

Caracalla 198-217 AD Son of Septimus Severus Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, originally named Julius Bassianus, was born at Lugdunum, Gaul on April 6th, 188 AD. He was the elder son ofSeptimus Severus and Julia Domna. His original name, Bassianus, came from the Syrian side of his family. Following the Civil War in the aftermath of Commodus’ murder, his […] read more

Julia Domna – Wife

Julia Domna Wife of Septimus Severus Died 217 AD Julia Domna was born at Emesa in Syria, but traveled to Rome as a young woman in 173 AD. In Rome Julia met the general Septimius Severus who was a fanatic about astrology. Upon learning that her astrological chart foretold that she would marry a great king, Septimius […] read more

Septimius Severus – 193-211AD

Septimius Severus 193-211 AD Lucius Septimius Severus was born in 146 AD at Leptis Magna (coast of Libya) in Africa and as such was the first Roman Emperor of North African origin. He was of humble origin. His father was Publius Septimus Geta and two of his father’s cousins did attain the rank of consul. […] read more

Clodius Albinus – 195-197 AD

Clodius Albinus As Augustus 195-197 AD As Caesar under Septimius Severus 193-195 AD Decimus Clodius Albinus was born at Hadrumetum in North Africa. His family was was of senatorial rank and we are told he was brought up in luxury accumulated by his ancestors. Albinus entered the army at an early age and held a […] read more

Pescennius Niger – 193-194AD

Pescennius Niger 193-194 AD C. Pescennius Niger was born sometime between 135 and 140 AD of humble origin. He had a long and honorable career in the army, but did not display any exceptional victories. In 189 AD he held the consulship and in the following year was appointed Governor of Syria by 191 AD. […] read more

Pertinax Caesar – Son

Helvius Pertinax, Junior 193 AD P. H. Pertinax, Junior was born the son of P. Helvius Pertinax and Flavia Titiana. At the time of his father’s rise to the throne, Helvius was also raised to the rank of Caesar. After a very short reign of only 86 days, his father was murdered on March 28th, 193 AD by […] read more

Didia Clara – Daughter

Didia Clara 193 AD Daughter of Didius Julianus Didia Clara was the daughter of Didius Julianus and Manlia Scantilia. Little is known of her personal life. Her portrait is best known from her coinage. All we know is that upon her father’s execution, the body was handed over to Didia and her mother for burial at the Via […] read more

Flavia Titiana – Wife

Flavia Titiana Wife of Pertinax 193 AD Flavia Titiana was the wife of Pertinax who came to the throne in 193 AD. She was the daughter of Flavius Sulpicianus and bore at least one son,Helvius Pertinax Junior. Unfortunately, after a reign of only 86 days, her husband was murdered by members of the Praetorian Guard. Her fate, […] read more

P. Helvius Pertinax – 193AD

P. Helvius Pertinax 193 AD P. Helvius Pertinax was born at Alba Pompeja in 126 AD, the son of a timber-merchant. He was married to Titiana who bore him a son, Helvius Pertinax, Junior. Pertinax had a successful military career and achieved senatorial rank until, at the death of Commodus, he was Prefect of the City of Rome. […] read more