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Japan Trying to Spend $100 billion in 15 months.

Japan is embarking on what may be mission impossible: to spend $100 billion in 15 months. The other problem is Japanese politicians are still way too Marxist. They still think they can stimulate the economy with their spending rather than deregulate and encourage private spending and investment. Until that takes place, Japan is going nowhere […] read more

The Rise & Fall of Empires, Nations, & City States has been Going on for Thousands of Years – It’s Just Our Turn!

COMMENT: Marty: I was re-reading Herodotus and saw early in his book a reference to the rise and fall of civilizations pertinent to the concept of capital flows: Herodotus, Histories 1:5 “For many states that were once great have now become small; and those that were great in my time were small before. Knowing therefore […] read more

Japan Desperate for Money

All countries have simply cross the line and are attacking citizens because of their fiscal mismanagement. This is even taking place in Japan who also has a conviction rate of 99%. It arrested the 81 year old billionaire claiming he cheated Japan out of $8.5 million. He he also one of the larger investors in […] read more

Market Talk – March 14, 2019

Asia: The much-anticipated trade deal between China and the U.S. may be pushed back once again, according to a new Bloomberg report. Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump were expected to meet in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, later this month to discuss terms. However, reports are that the meeting may not take place until […] read more

Tennis Star Claims He Tested Positive for COVID 250 Times

(Photo by Paul CROCK / AFP) The sports industry has long suffered at the hands of pandemic restrictions amid stadium closures, quarantines, and formerly healthy athletes dying after taking the vaccine. Despite numerous leagues throughout the world being fully vaccinated, cases of new athletes contracting COVID appear in the news daily. Tennis star Benoit Paire […] read more

Dow Makes New Highs?

The Dow makes new highs. Sorry: This is an international market NOT simply domestic. The key to REAL forecasting is global NEVER in isolation. You simply cannot forecast ANYTHING in isolation. Now the gurus will come out claiming to have called it as they always do. Just ask how? This model has been unbelievable on […] read more

US Preparing for Civil Unrest

About two weeks ago, the US Special Forces Command was in Minneapolis with a slew of special ops guys and black hawks, conducting “urban war games”… they didn’t advise the public, and so people were calling the police when black hawks were buzzing around the skyscrapers downtown Minneapolis, landing on the roof of the Federal […] read more