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Is a Right Wing Conspiracy Theory Becoming Fact?

Ever since COVID-19 was hurled at society and the Gates’ funded model that was no better than a child’s dame of SimCity predicted the next black plague so the world had to be shut down which has NEVER been done in 6,000 years, life has become strange. Government experts, like court-appointed lawyers who are paid […] read more

How Our AI Computer Forecasts the Failure of Schwab & World Economic Forum

I find it really interesting how Klaus Schwab champions the 4th Industrial Revolution and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the world so we have to help shape it by destroying what we have to design the Great Reset. Only an academic would be that arrogant. The AI system I designed was from being a […] read more


QUESTION: Marty, I have not seen you write about the Vikings. Did you take their rise and fall into consideration in your model? YC ANSWER: Of course. The monetary history of the Vikings is tied to England as well as global warming. The rise of the Vikings was due to global warming from a natural cyclical […] read more

Cleopatra – Coins – Migrations

QUESTION: Marty, I watched a documentary on Cleopatra. Strange how she was married to her younger brothers. They said nobody knows what she really looked like but I thought if anyone would really know, it must be you. Was she the most beautiful woman of antiquity or was that legend? FR ANSWER: Plutarch does remark […] read more

Conspiracy Theories Coming True

COMMENT: Marty, your forecasts have been amazingly correct years in advance and then we get to watch other analysts coming in at the last minute to pretend they called it. You have always been in the mix and actually know all the people in all of these events since Long Term Capital Management. I have […] read more

Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax – How to Destroy the United States in Less than 10 years

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I have been reading your blog for years now. It is obvious that you are well connected behind the curtain. It did not take but perhaps a day or two after you explain the difference between wealth and income to suddenly see Elizabeth Warren adopting the position to impose a wealth tax […] read more

Gold & Ratios: Are They Really Worth Much?

QUESTION:  Dear Martin , I had been following the the various gold bug theories since 2009 but became disillusioned after 2011 until I came across your site . What you say makes sense and something I trust , however there is still one issue I am struggling to understand . When gold spiked during the […] read more

COVID-19 Behind the Curtain

COMMENT: Dear Marty thank you so much for informing us all about this whole corona hoax i had real trouble understanding why you were suggesting this was a hoax in January already could not match it with the facts i had available then and thought you had lost it that put me in real stress, having […] read more

Jesse Livermore – Greatest Trader of All Time?

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong: Thanks for your soon reply. I ask you: 1. Why do you consider Jesse Livermore the greatest investor of all time?. 2. Which are the main reasons?. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Sincerely, JEMV ANSWER: Jesse Livermore (1877 – November 28, 1940), was a famed American […] read more

Federal Reserve & Conspiracy Theories

COMMENT: Hi AE….just an observation for you. Altho’ you have mentioned your disagreement with the points of view of such people as Ed Griffin (The Creature From J Island), Ron Paul (End The Fed), & Jeff Berwick (current best seller is Controlled Demo of The US), all of you are in agreement about the total […] read more