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Market Talk – September 9, 2015

Asia saw some very strong gains on rumors of renewed Chinese intervention with the Nikkei producing its strongest one-day rise since 2008 (1,343 points +7.7%). The Chinese markets reacted to the news rather late yesterday. Europe walked in to the jubilation and saw encouraging market gains in the morning session. By mid-afternoon, the U.S. market […] read more

Market Talk — September 8, 2015

Asia saw a mixed session where most markets were lower but talk of intervention in China saw a very healthy bounce in the last few minutes of trading (Nikkei -2.5% Shanghai and HSI both up around 3%). Europe started on a positive note and never looked back. Positive session for all major European Indices saw exchanges close 1%+. […] read more

Market Talk — August 28, 2015

Everyone is feeling good about themselves as the rebound in stocks continues. It is fair to say that all markets closed between 2–3% higher on the day. After solid gains in Asia, Europe opened on a firmer note and the U.S. followed. We did have a wobble mid-afternoon trade, but the final 90 minutes recouped the intraday drought and […] read more

Market Talk

The bond markets were the talk of the city today in London with continued uncertainty putting a bid under the street. Bunds were up over one and half points in early trade and although peripherals followed (BTP’s +70 cents) the gap just increased. Ten year Treasuries in late trading hit 2.20% — despite printing 2.31 in early Asia. […] read more

Market Talk

Today was a very busy day for most assets classes. First there was news over weekend that S&P may look unkindly on the UK over Brexit issue (cable was weaker than euro but is recovering towards the end of the day). Greece, never out of the news, despite weekends, has been on your screens all […] read more

Market Talk- December 12, 2018

The, eventually, positive tone from the US markets were helpful for the Asian opening. However, talk that China and the USA are progressing on the trade talks was really what gave the whole region confidence. All core opened well with little sign of looking back. It was only the Shanghai index that lost momentum towards […] read more

Market Talk- December 10, 2018

More disappointment today for Asian stocks following the release of yet another weak economic data point. This morning markets responded to the poor trade data for November release as a 5.4% release was way below the double digits expected. Australia ASX had the first opportunity to respond and although held openings levels for a while, […] read more

Market Talk- November 16, 2018

A relief rally after a poor opening for US markets and that confidence did roll into Asia, but only for a short time. The Nikkei opened well but then saw selling and the heavy mood softened the index into the weekend. This trade could also have been a balanced trade for the Yen, which is […] read more

Market Talk- November 11, 2018

A mixed session in Asia with most players watching the oil price decline which tended to unnerve many markets. The Shanghai index climbed from early negative prices to manage a 1%+ close for the day. The talk remains centered on trade and the negotiations both are expected to have at the G20 later this month. […] read more

Market Talk- October 11, 2018

As you would have anticipated, the decline in Asia was as brutal as expected. Not everyday you see an 800+ fall in the DOW and so Asia followed through with its interpretation. All core opened lower and it went worse from there. Shanghai was the standout closing 5.22% down on the day. Talk that the […] read more