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Airlines Engaging in Consumer Fraud Sponsored by Congress?

COMMENT: Hi Martin Interesting seeing your comment on Government taxes on flights on Jan 29th. I thought you might like to see my British Airways ticket below. I have booked a return flight from London Heathrow to Krakow in Poland for a cost of only £84.60 for the 868 mile flight. What is truly incredulous […] read more

Swiss Proposal to End Private Banking

The Swiss are getting a bad reputation for starting to have some off-the-chain socialist nut-job groups who obviously do not understand humanity, desire to suppress it and control it, and never bother to investigate an issue before blurting out solutions. The latest proposal is to effectively destroy banking completely assuming that leverage is the problem. […] read more

FATCA – Delayed or Realizing there is a Collapse Underway?

While they have been proud to announce that 77,000 foreign institutional have already signed up before July 1st, they did postpone it until July 2015. Nonetheless, the damage has been done long ago when this was passed. The huge fines they are imposing on foreign banks is further undermining the European and Swiss banking systems […] read more

Is the New World Order Cracking Apart?

Amazing, but some people have sent quotes attributed to R. Bildeberg claiming he will dominate the world. The Bildebergs are not named after a person some people have been making up these wild quotes. It was a Hotel where the first meeting was held. The quotes are fake. The first meeting was organized by late […] read more

Understanding the New Era we Face – No More General Terms Apply

QUESTION:  In regards to the “Crash or Collapse” post you just put up, we kind of wonder what you meant when you wrote at the end “This will not be like anything seen in past 200 years” We were wondering, was that in regards to a crashing market or crashing Bond market? I thought you said in […] read more

Understanding the Unit of Account – Even Bitcoin is Expressed in Dollars As Is Gold

 QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read somewhere that neither gold nor silver were the actual unit of account in Rome. Is that true? And what did that mean? Thank you J ANSWER: The “unit of account” in Rome began as bronze. The earliest money was just lumps of bronze that has practical value for it could […] read more

Euro & Cyprus Crisis

The Euro has rebounded but only to retest the Weekly Bearish Reversal. The European Commission fails to understand that they have driven a stake through the heart of the Euro. It will NEVER be a reserve currency without a single debt. This crazy refusal to simply design a normal monetary system will be Europe’s undoing. […] read more

Comment from the Real World

Martin, I laughed when I heard they were going to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire. I SAW the 2% decrease in my pay. I now bring home @$200 less per month than I did in Decembere. So what does that mean to me … 1) I am getting rid of Sirius XM Radio (@$200/yr) […] read more

Kansas, Nebraska and Louisiana Eliminating Income Tax

Republican governors of Kansas, Nebraska and Louisiana are pushing to eliminate personal and corporate income taxes. While the Marxists/Socialist like Paul Krugman of the New York Times calls this “reverse Robin Hoodism”, the Founding Fathers were much more understanding when they prohibited direct taxation. An income tax requires one to surrender their privacy. Government needs […] read more

Asia Kabushiki Shinbun – March 11, 1997

Kabushiki Shinbun March 11, 1997 A Direct Hit to Mr. Armstrong, a Worldwide Analyst The Focus: The New York Stocks/Foreign Exchange Mr. Martin Armstrong, Chairman of Princeton Economic Institute Inc. in the US, visited Japan this time and accepted an exclusive interview by this journal. At the last interview early this year, he stated his […] read more