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The Athenian Constitution – Aristotle

THE ATHENIAN CONSTITUTION   by Aristotle Translated by Sir Frederic G. Kenyon Part 1 …[They were tried] by a court empanelled from among the noble families, and sworn upon the sacrifices. The part of accuser was taken by Myron. They were found guilty of the sacrilege, and their bodies were cast out of their graves […] read more

Who is Really Behind the Curtain?

Copyright Martin Armstrong All Rights Reserved April 22nd, 2012 Who Is Really Behind The Curtain? I was speaking with some people on Capitol Hill who are becoming alarmed at what is starting to appear to be a hidden oligarchy behind eliminating all constitutional rights and converting the United States into the new East Germany. The […] read more

The Works of Aristotle the Famous Philosopher – Aristotle

THE WORKS OF ARISTOTLE THE FAMOUS PHILOSOPHER   Containing his Complete Masterpiece and Family Physician; his Experienced Midwife, his Book of Problems and his Remarks on Physiognomy   COMPLETE EDITION, WITH ENGRAVINGS PART I—BOOK I THE MASTERPIECE On marriage and at what age young men and virgins are capable of it: and why so much […] read more

The Poetics of Aristotle – Aristotle

THE POETICS OF ARISTOTLE By Aristotle A Translation By S. H. Butcher [Transcriber’s Annotations and Conventions: the translator left intact some Greek words to illustrate a specific point of the original discourse. In this transcription, in order to retain the accuracy of this text, those words are rendered by spelling out each Greek letter individually, […] read more

On the Art of Poetry – Aristotle

ON THE ART OF POETRY By Aristotle Translated By Ingram Bywater   With A Preface By Gilbert Murray Oxford At The Clarendon Press First Published 1920 Reprinted 1925, 1928, 1932, 1938, 1945, 1947 1951, 1954, 1959. 1962 Printed In Great Britain PREFACE In the tenth book of the Republic, when Plato has completed his final […] read more

A Treatise on Government – Aristotle

A TREATISE ON GOVERNMENT By Aristotle   Translated From The Greek Of Aristotle By William Ellis, A.M. London &.Toronto Published By J M Dent & Sons Ltd. &.In New York By E. P. Dutton &. Co First Issue Of This Edition 1912 Reprinted 1919, 1923, 1928 INTRODUCTION The Politics of Aristotle is the second part […] read more


Glossary Abscissa – the horizontal base line of a chart, x-axis. Ad Valorem Tax – A tax levied as a fixed percentage of the value of a particular item. Aggregate Demand – Total planned or desired spending in the economy as a whole in a given period. It is determined by the aggregate price level […] read more

8.6 Year Review

8.6-Year Review As a brief introduction to the 8.6-year frequency within the Princeton Economic-Confidence Model, let us follow its course beginning with the last major panic that took place in October 1929 from the US perspective. Factoring in the month of October as .75 to represent a decimal portion of the calendar year, the calculations […] read more

Global Model

Global Model Since the dawn of time, man has tried desperately to predict the future. Man has gazed upon the stars, summoned soothsayers and astrologers and sought guidance in the patterns of tea leaves and chicken entrails. He has studied the movements of planets, comets, and even the flight of an owl. However, no matter […] read more

Artificial Intelligence

Forecasting markets has always been a nightmare to say the least. Just when you think that you have everything figured out, the trend suddenly emerges in the opposite direction. The science of forecasting itself has encountered a rather shabby reputation largely due to the number of people in the field who think they have everything […] read more