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The Euro is Dead – Long Live the Dollar

Our phones have been in meltdown mode and sleep has been rarer than gold around here. Whatever politicians could do to screw up the world, trust me, they are diligently at work to accomplish that goal even ahead of schedule. The logic coming from the ECB, France, and Germany leaves a lot to be desired. […] read more

Gold is fairly Priced according to mining industry.

The main reasons for gold’s decline are laid out in the mining industry news. They see a bear market begin at $1520. This is the other side of the hype. read more

It has to be CRIMINAL for Politicians to Borrow for the State

Argentina defaulted again in 2010. They are in dispute in the New York Court of Appeal, the most corrupt Federal Court in the nation, with what they call “vulture funds”. At a press conference defending their fight in a US court against creditors demanding to be paid $1.3 billion immediately, they are at least acknowledging […] read more

Splitting the Blog

We will be splitting the Blog soon between markets and world events. We only put on news that illustrates a global trend not the general nonsense. This is to keep you up to date as the world turns so you can see the problems emerging beyond the myopic horizon of traditional economic analysis. It is […] read more

North Korea Declares War Against Everybody

Nobody knows what the hell to make of North Korea. Is he insane?  Do we laugh or cry? He can;t reach the USA, but he can reach Japan and South Korea. The one thing talked about behind the curtain is simple. War would be generally conventional. The nuks are there as a backup. If Russia […] read more

Homeowner Forecloses on Bank of America!

This is truly an amazing story. Bank of America tried to foreclose on a home in Floridia when they had no such mortgage, and the homeowner proved he had paid cash. A judge ruled Bank of America had to pay the legal fees, and 5 months later ignoring the court order, the homeowner moved to […] read more

The Short Dollar & The Debt Bubble

Everyone keeps touting the demise of the dollar. They seem to be unaware of the global private debt bubble in dollars and how bullish that can be. During the 1980’s, banks in Australia sold Swiss loans on the basis that was the way to save massive interest with no view of the A$ whatsoever. Then […] read more

Question – Gold & Interest Rates

1. You have been pretty consistent in your position that gold is yet another commodity with business cycles affecting it as much as corn or copper and therefore a gold standard would never work. But wouldn’t you agree that at the least a gold standard would serve as a speed bump on government’s constant expansion […] read more

US engages Military Exercises

Just as Russia called unprecedented military exercise to show force to Europe, the US did the same holding military exercises using B-2s capable of delivering nuclear bombs in South Korea intent upon showing force to North Korea, which in turn responded by putting everything on alert to attack USA mainland. read more

Russia Also Attacking Private Groups

It seems the whole world is turning against liberty, freedom, and free speech. Russia has joined the club in shutting down any private group that is anti-government. One must wonder how far behind is the internet with Obama’s Kill-Switch.   read more