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China Corporate Defaults: Good, Bad, or just Ugly?

A fertilizer producer in north China defaulted on bond payments, which is a positive aspect as the state governments are not so eager to bail out failed companies. This will be a positive step forward in transforming China into a major capital market. For now, it is still not ready for prime time. Of course, […] read more

Market Talk – July 23, 2020

ASIA: China has criticized the Trump Administration’s order to shut the Chinese consulate in Houston as an attempt to shift the blame for its failures ahead of the November election, according to state media editorials published on Thursday. China’s foreign ministry, which is threatening “countermeasures,” the Chinese Embassy in Washington said, “We urge the US […] read more

What About Central Banks & Gold?

Question: What about central banks manipulating gold? Answer: The incentive of government to “suppress” gold is far more realistic than private trading banks that simply look to make a quick buck. Government can try to maintain an image. Paul Volcker when he became Fed Chairman was faced with gold going to $875 into January 21st, […] read more

Lenin, Nikolai or Viadirnir Illich Ulyanov

Nikolai (Vladimir) Illich Ulyanov Lenin (1870-1924) Nikolai (Vladimir) Illich Ulyanov Lenin was a Russian revolutionary and statesman who constructed the Soviet Communist state. His pamphlet What is to be Done? published in 1902, has been described as the true origin of modern communism. The major work, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism completed in 1916, […] read more

Egypt Near Collapse – Part of the Cycle?

The tensions are rising around the globe and they are centered on government corruption and complete failure. This is the price of Marxism. Governments have been promising so much to so many for so long, that as this generation of once hippies comes to retirement, they are getting the short end of the stick. One […] read more

Market Talk August 17th, 2016

There appeared little reason the JPY to strengthen as much as it did yesterday during any of the sessions but that said, we did see 99.75 at one stage yesterday. No-one knew why and so in Asia back it traded to 101 again. In late US trading we have seen another attack at the par […] read more

Gates – Buying the Press to Hide his True Nature

It has long been known behind the facade of the upstanding media that Bill Gates was not exactly the quiet nerd. The information surrounding his arrest has been scrubbed, so all that remains is the fact that he was arrested for a traffic violation with no other details. It is not likely he was arrested […] read more

3D printing, AI and Robots v Dark Age

  QUESTION: Hello, Mr. Armstrong. Let us say that the future turns out OK-ish (post crash and burn), that we avoid another dark age. 3D printing, AI and robots do a lot of the work for humanity. The amount of available mundane jobs are reduced and replaced by our inventions. Have you had any thoughts […] read more

Resignation of the Pope – Was it On Time?

I have been asked was this Resignation of the Pope in accordance with the cycles? Actually yes. 2013 was a  Directional Change for the Papacy. It was 230 intervals of 8.6 years. If we take the excommunication of Martin Luther on January 3, 1521, the cycle hit also in 2011.208, The year 2013 was a […] read more

Market Talk – December 29th, 2016

With the exception of Japan most Asian markets were subdued in typical holiday style. It was the downgrade of Toshiba by both Moody’s and S+P that resulted in a 17% decline in its share price today and was blamed for the 1.2% decline in the Nikkei. In late US trading the Nikkei futures have fallen […] read more