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Very Disturbing

Dave Janda, the host of Operation Freedom, had a guest on his show who informed the listeners that based upon information he said came from a high-level military officer that there is an Obama Administration’s new “Litmus Test” whereby senior officers are being asked would they be willing to order troops to fire on Americans if […] read more

Obama’s Urgent Gun Controls?

In Switzerland, every house must have a gun. It is called national defense. If 3 people in the same day kill with a knife, do we outlaw knives? Everyone is in favor of background checks and making sure people with mental problems do not get their hands on guns. That is because any rational person […] read more

Honorius – 393-423 AD

Honorius 393-423 AD Son of Emperor Theodosius I Flavius Honorius was the younger son of Theodosius I and Aelia Flaccilla. Honorius was born in 384 AD and was raised to the rank of Augustus in 393 AD. Upon the death of his father Theodosius in 395, the Empire was divided in two with Honorius receiving the throne of […] read more

Carausius – 287-293 AD

Carausius Usurper of Britain 287 – 293 AD Marcus Aurelius Mausaeus Carausius was a man of humble origin who came from Menapia, an area in Belgium. Nevertheless, he rose through the ranks due to a distinguished career. Carausius gained much fame for his military skills during in the campaigns under Emperor Maximianus (286-305AD) against the Franks and the […] read more

Augustus 27BC-14AD

Augustus First Emperor of Rome27BC-14AD Born 63 BC – Died 14 AD, age 78 With the defeat of Marc Antony and Cleopatra, in 30 BC, Octavian emerged as the undisputed master of the Roman World. Such a position was briefly attained by his great-uncle Julius Caesar, but for now, Octavian had to be sure that his victory would remain […] read more

Chronology by Emperor

Roman Republic Imperators Pompey the Great – 48BC Gnaeus Pompey Junior Sextus Pompey Magnus Gaius Julius Caesar – 44BC Assassins of Caesar Marcus Junius Brutus (85-42BC) Gaius Cassius Longinus (42-43BC)(brother-in-law of Brutus) Cn Domitus Ahenobarbus (41BC) (supporter of Brutus) Marcus Aqvinus Legatius (43-42BC) (supporter Cassius) Quintus Hortensius Hortalus (43-42BC) (executed Caius Antonius) Quintus Cornuficius (42-41BC) […] read more