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Market Talk- February 5th, 2018

A busy day all round today from the Nikkei down another 2.5%, DOW futures 350 lower ahead of its open, rates rising, Jerome Powell taking office, Draghi to speak, Germany political uncertainty, BITCOIN losing another 8% now at 7,500 and the Bank of England to meet later in the week. Asia’s weakness is much of […] read more

One World Currency – Coins of Alexander the Great – A One Time Offer

To go with our The Coming One-World-Currency report, we have only 100 Alexander the Great drachms of higher quality from a hoard that was purchased for our study of the World Monetary System. These are the ONLY One World Currency to have EVER been created in the Western World. Not even Rome was able to […] read more

Market Talk- August 18th, 2017

We didn’t really need an excuse for why equity markets were lower in Asia today, but we certainly found it in US markets irrespective of political uncertainties – if we were looking! Ahead of the weekend and a move into US Dollars the Nikkei lost 1.2% but interestingly the JPY only just moved back to […] read more

The Frankfurt Special Seminar July 22nd, 2017

  The July 22nd, 2017 Frankfurt half-day seminar will be targeting Europe. The week before is a rather important turning point and if Theresa May cannot form a government within a week or so, we are looking at sheer chaos now coming from Britain. The entire EU is coming unglued. We have a major pension crisis […] read more

The Proposed Euro Bond Issue to Bailout ECB

COMMENT: Well Mr. Armstrong, perhaps you are wrong at last. It looks like your meetings in Brussels that quite a few people noted you shuffling around town did have an impact. Looks like your constant warning about the structure of the euro’s failure is being corrected. Looks like you did make a difference. So congratulations […] read more

Market Talk – November 7, 2016

Markets were dominated by the overnight news that the FBI would be taking no action over the newly uncovered Hilary Clinton emails! As soon as the news broke we saw positive price action for most core indices (cash and futures) with a decent bounce in the US Dollar whilst last weeks safe-haven bids (precious metals […] read more

The Failed EU Design – The Great Divide West v East

QUESTION: I saw you at your presentation in Dresden last year. Things in the East are rather different from the West in Europe. Do you have any comments on this great divide? Thank you for coming to Dresden. KMV ANSWER: There is a great divide in Europe between East and West that is rarely, if […] read more

Total U.S. Fees to Resign Citizenship Exceed $12 million

Under FATCA, it has become impossible for small business to expand internationally. FATCA punishes any foreign entity that does not report what an American is doing overseas. This single law is causing an implosion in the world economy and politicians are too stupid to figure out that they have really harmed the global economy. The […] read more

Market Talk – March 1st, 2016

There were some big smiles across the faces of many equity traders today as we have seen some of the strongest markets gains in a while. The Nikkei closed +0.4% but could not match the performance of the Shanghai or Hang Seng Indices when they closed up at almost 2% on the day. We saw […] read more

Market Talk – August 24, 2015

“Wild” is an understatement to describe today’s equity market moves. Some say the Chinese are at fault for their unexpected move in currency, but whatever the reason for the increased volatility, you can be sure they will increase margin requirements, which will add to the volatility and further the decline in liquidity. All Asian equity […] read more