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The United States will become Just the “States”

COMMENT: Marty; I believe you are right. We are headed into civil war and the Democrats and press are determined to overthrow the government. Trump’s ban on immigration was temporary until this can be investigated and proper procedures put in place. It is only a 120-day hold on allowing refugees into the country,  a 90-day bar […] read more

Have Our Politicians Set in Motion The Decline in the USA?

  Violent crimes are up 120% in the first 10 days in NYC for 2021 compared to 2020. While a portion of this has been inspired by the Democrats initially supporting the Defund Police before the election, most of the crime has risen simply because of the destruction in jobs thanks to lockdowns. The NYPD […] read more

Should Zuckerberg & Facebook be Shut Down?

  Facebook deleted 120,000 member group where people posted stories of alleged adverse vaccine reactions. I have stated before that I worked on Capitol Hill trying to make a difference both on taxation and converting Social Security into a wealth fund that actually invested instead of just buying government debt. I met with Dick Army, […] read more

Over 5 Million Government Employees Strike Against Fall of Socialism

In France, tens of thousands of people went to the streets for the first time in ten years in protest against Macron. All 5.4 million public employees went on strike. The protests are directed against the planned elimination of 120,000 official posts and the end of the welfare state as many see it. In addition, Parliament has […] read more

Corruption in Government is Massive Worldwide

The real cost of corruption runs well into the trillions of dollars when we consider the degree of bribery that even suppresses prosecution of the banks that have abused proprietary trading to undermined the entire world economy. A European report on corruption is out and that puts the cost in Europe at €120 billion, yet the […] read more

Antoninus Pius – 138-161AD

Antoninus Pius 138 – 161 AD Born 86 – Died 161 AD, Age 75 Titus Aurelius Fulvua Boionius Arrius Antoninus, known to history as Antoninus Pius, was born of a good family in Nimes locted in the Gallia Narbonensis region (Southern France). Several members of his family had served as consuls of Rome, which enabled […] read more

Asia Kabushiki Shinbun – February 10, 1997

Kabushiki Shinbun February 10, 1997 US Dollar Should Hold 120.00 During this Year Mr. Martin A. Armstrong, chairman of Princeton Economic Institute Inc. in the US, is well known a a worldwide technical analyst, made his view clear, in New York on February 6 local time, that the US Dollar should hold 120.00 against JPY […] read more

Market Talk – July 25, 2019

ASIA: More news emerged from a Chinese released whitepaper regarding the country’s military strategy on the South China Sea China. The release expressed that “China exercises its national sovereignty to build infrastructure and deploy necessary defensive capabilities on the islands and reefs in the South China Sea and to conduct patrols in the waters of […] read more

Reading the Euro

QUESTION: Marty, back on March 10th you said you had support at the 105, 103 and 100 levels in the cash euro. You then called for a bounce after the low was reached at the 10461 price level on March 13. You also said “The Break-Line reaches 80 cents on the next 8.6 year wave” […] read more

The Monetary History of the Roman Republic

By Martin A. Armstrong It is told that Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus in about 753 BC. Roman tradition held that the first Romans migrated to Italy following the fall of Troy. If so, the Roman’s would appear to have lost most of their culture and artistic skills. It is perhaps more likely […] read more