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Global View of Silver

  Silver has been rising in Russia only as a hedge against the government. read more

Hong Kong – A Bird of a Different Feather?

QUESTION: Dear Marty, I have been reading your writings a few years already and am so inspired by your analysis and ECM model. I understand you mentioned many times about the deflationary cycle that is coming and actually happening in Europe and reflected in oil prices. From many data, the inflation rate in US and […] read more

Cybersecurity – Is Anything Safe?

The NSA has been able to break encryption even to internal VPN networks. There is nothing safe any more. The irony is that “terrorism” is the excuse to break-in to anything, but real terrorists use pigeon-post. They do not use Facebook and they stay as far away from Google and Microsoft as possible. The NSA’s […] read more

Socrates Progress Report

  We have made a lot of progress porting over the programs to function via the Internet. The voice will be operating and we are putting the finishing touches on the trading systems. You will be able to see the hypothetical system trading record  on anything with the current position and its objectives with its […] read more

Boehner on the Way Out?

  John Boehner, the current Republican Speaker of the House, just may be thrown out. He wages war against the Tea Party and threw off every financial committee anyone who supported Ron Paul. This guy is serious bad news for he is old-world country-club style Republican who should have been hosting a game show – […] read more

TIME & Fourth Dimension – Catalyst v Object

QUESTION: Dear Martin: Thanks for all the work, one thing I admire is that you are providing insight in to how the world works by making us think. Honestly, when I read your blog post “Wine industry confirms same trend in Energy” I thought this guy is nuts… then I went back and read your […] read more

End of the German Dream?

The crisis in Germany is brewing at a rapid speed. There is no country that has suffered the pains of Russian sanctions in the West more than Germany because the Russian market has compensated Germany in the past years, covering up many problems of the German economy from the euro crisis. As the economy has turned […] read more

Gold For Closing 2014

  Well despite all the hate mail, accusations, threats, and bad-mouthing not to mention the silent-treatment, gold continues to reflect the real deflationary trend that has engulfed the entire world. The metals promoters keep trying to ignore reality causing many to lose their life-savings. They remain ignorant of the fact that the dollar has become […] read more

US Law Allows the USA to Invade Netherlands

The US government is perhaps one of the most arrogant in the world. They preach human right violations against China and Russia when in fact they are the worst of all. When the International Criminal Court was established among nations, the USA sought to impose that authority on the rest of the world while it […] read more

Microsoft Joined By Almost Everyone In Fight for Privacy

Microsoft has been joined by various Tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Cisco, eBay and Verizon along with media companies such as ABC, CNN, Fox News and the Guardian, the largest business organizations, such as the US Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers, as well as privacy groups and leading computer scientists who have all filed […] read more