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Comey Called to Testify Before Congress Tomorrow – Let the Games Begin

FBI Director James Comey has been called before Congress to explain his recommendation tomorrow. After the Inspector General’s report and Comey’s rebuke of Hillary, the Democrats will be fighting really hard to protect Comey. This is no longer about the country — it is just politics as usual. Thank God, the under-45 crowd is starting to […] read more

Why Comey Would Not Present the Case against Hillary to a Grand Jury

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Why did Comey not present this matter to the grand jury? Isn’t it the role of the grand jury to decide to indict or not? ANSWER:The rules for a grand jury have been altered to the point that they have been reduced to a rubber stamp. Nevertheless, FBI Director James Comey had to […] read more

Market Talk — July 5, 2016

Confidence remains the key in Asia and that is what we remain in search of this evening as we watch global equity markets depreciate. In Asia China was in better shape having seen better than expected Service sector growth resulting in a 0.6% gain. This was only for the first half of the day as […] read more

Nigel Farage Resigns as Head of UKIP

It is a shame, but Nigel Farage is standing down as the leader of the UK Independence Party. Nigel came from the real world and never desired to be a career politician. He has stated that he had done his “bit” following the UK’s referendum vote to leave the EU. “The victory for the ‘Leave’ side […] read more

Fate of the Euro

QUESTION: Dear Mr Armstrong. I attended the Berlin conference and already enrolled for Orlando as well. I have a question regarding the EURO. It is obvious that the EU cannot be sustained as is. I think, so far, I do understand the decline of the EURO. We see it happen. But Germany and France are vigorously […] read more

Market Talk — June 29, 2016

Asia performed well in what appeared to be trading in shadows the majority of the day. Rumors that the PBOC were about to cut rates saw a rally in Shanghai (+1%) only to drift off the highs by the close. Rumors of more BOJ easing (attempting to put even 40yr bonds into single digits). It […] read more

The Rising Trend of Anti-Establishment and Civil Unrest

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your model on civil unrest and war seem to be rather amazing. The anti-establishment feeling is rising quite strong. Not sure what’s going on with Trump. It looks like the Republicans are still trying to prevent him from being the candidate. All the money is going to Hillary. Government is becoming very […] read more

Market Talk — June 28, 2016

The Nikkei had a poor start but finished better as did Shanghai. HSI closed a little lower (-0.3%) but well up from opening levels. Europe was the main talking point yet again today and with a healthy bounce in both currencies and equities; many people spoke of nothing else. After suffering two awful days, we […] read more

Central Banks Made Govt Debt the Riskiest Debt of All Time

The central banks have risked it all and lost. They have reached the point of no return. The Fed decided not to raise rates, which are desperately needed to prevent a collapse in pensions and insurance companies, and merely froze like a deer in headlights. The superficial analysts who think lower rates are good for […] read more

It Snowed in Hawaii?

Europe is experiencing a very cold summer. Meanwhile, believe it or not, there was a dusting of snow reported at Mauna Kea in Hawaii, according to the National Weather Service, on June 14. We are heading into, not global warming, but a natural cycle of climate change that comes about every 300 years or so. […] read more