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Entropy – ENERGY & More

QUESTION: Hi Marty…as a long time reader and communicator of your work and with you, ive learnt a great deal since 2008/09 when i first picked up your typewriter written reports….however something has piqued my curiosity lately reading your blog posts. 1) Youve been talking alot lately about the “energy model’, i think alot of […] read more

A Question About Gold

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, I “think” I am finally beginning to grasp some of what you have been preaching, but first allow me to say “thanks” for everything you do to help some of us understand what is unfolding all around us, and “how” everything is connected, and that nothing happens in isolation, again, “thanks” ! Also, […] read more

Gold Promoters – Here We Go Again

Trying to argue with a Gold Promoter is trying to argue with a Democrat that they should be a Republican. It will never happen because it is their life and how they make money. If we look at the commodity sector as a whole, in 1919 Wheat was 356. It reached in 2008 13500. That […] read more

The Dow & the Upside

  The Dow closed above a minor Weekly Bullish today. We still see this general consolidation pattern in play. The first real resistance level remains at the 18500 zone. There is still the chance that we get an early high in March with a decline into the May/June period. That would point to a rally […] read more

The Minsk Agreement on Ukraine – Putin’s Victory

In the Belarusian capital Minsk representatives of Ukraine, Russia and the rebels from the Donbass signed a 13-point agreement on a ceasefire and other measures to resolve the conflict in Ukraine under OSCE supervision. The essence of the plan is to take account of the self-determination of peoples, which is the reason for the conflict: […] read more

Pensions & BIG BANG

  While I am a supporter of  MATT TAIBBI at the Rolling Stone, his take on the Pension Crisis is really off the mark. Taibbi focuses on the fees being paid to hedge funds as robbing state worker pension funds. What he fails to address is that the taxes are rising on the Middle Class to pay […] read more

The HSBC Scandal – How NYC Protects the Bankers

One of the most interesting aspects of my case was the astonishing claim by Republic/HSBC that $1 billion was missing and they had no possible idea of where it went. They used that statement to seize Princeton Economics and just accepted whatever the bank said as gospel. When I appeared at the debut of the […] read more

Europe will Move Closer to Russia & Greece will Exit Euro

Despite the hard-line insanity of US foreign policy that seems to be hell-bent on creating World War III keeping in line that it has historically been the Democrats that take America into War, everything from behind the curtain is hinting that Europe will have no choice but align itself closer with Russia. The arrogance of […] read more

Australian Police Hiding in Woods to Catch Speeders

Australian police are really waging war against the public to raise money for government to fund their own salaries. They are Camouflaged hiding in the woods to catch speeders on the Geelong Ring Road. This is becoming a international sport – hunt down the people and shake-em down for whatever you can get. Nonetheless, nothing beats […] read more

Scientists Caught Again Faking Global Warming Data

An investigation of the raw data recording temperature, has revealed that once again these academics are manipulating the data to keep billions of dollars flowing into their hands. No matter how many times they are caught, government will not change course because they want to believe in global warming to justify higher taxes. Al Gore […] read more