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Climate Change Conspiracy Against us All

800,000-year Ice-Core Records of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) QUESTION: Are you saying that CO2 is not a pollutant and we should not be concerned about rising levels? OD ANSWER: Correct. CO2 levels have been much higher than currently over the millennia. The Global Warming crowd has an agenda and the core of that is to reduce the […] read more

Real Estate v Quantitative Easing

QUESTION: Hi Martin, I just finished your new NYSE Boom/Bust report. This is excellent work and as always extremely fascinating. Thank you for continuing to share these profound views with us. My question relates to your view that we are looking at a complete collapse of Quantitative Easing and that will likely see a massive capital […] read more

Market Talk- February 12, 2018

It’s always a difficult trading environment when one large market is closed (Japan Monday), but following last weeks volatility we have seen a quiet bounce-back in quieter conditions. That bounce-back has been more visible in US futures than Asian cash even with the Shanghai closing +0.8% firmer today. The KOPSI (+0.9%) and SENSEX also enjoyed […] read more

China’s One Belt and One Road

QUESTION: What is your view of China’s One Belt and One Road policy? ANSWER: The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, also known as the One Belt and One Road Initiative, (OBOR),  is a development strategy proposed by Chinese Government that focuses on connectivity and cooperation between Eurasian countries, primarily the […] read more

Cycle Extension – Inversion – 2021 or 2032?

QUESTION: Marty; Just wow. You called the day of the high and then said the market would make a new low yesterday, a directional change would take it back up and that was the low. I do not understand why the world is not knocking down your door. Then again, I guess they did that’s why […] read more

Market Talk- February 5th, 2018

A busy day all round today from the Nikkei down another 2.5%, DOW futures 350 lower ahead of its open, rates rising, Jerome Powell taking office, Draghi to speak, Germany political uncertainty, BITCOIN losing another 8% now at 7,500 and the Bank of England to meet later in the week. Asia’s weakness is much of […] read more

Trump v Winfrey?

QUESTION: Your comment about the pension Ponzi scheme. I agree that it is something that needs to brought to the forefront. One of the reasons I left Illinois. But I can’t understand why you mention Oprah Winfrey and her qualifications when the current person in the office has none either, and he’s a caucasian ANSWER: […] read more

The Pension Ponzi Scheme is Coming to an End

  Inevitably, all things must come to an end.  Our entire problem with government is we have ZERO accountability and ZERO qualification standards to even run for office. The Democrats have put forth blacks and women, not because of their abilities, but simply because they want to score votes. The latest proposal was to put […] read more

The Dow Down & Dirty

COMMENT: OK Mr. Armstrong. Looks like the government was right. You come out and said the Dow reached a turning point and it crashes. You posted: “In the US Share Market, this is now a turning point we have reached. I have warned for months that exceeding the November high would lead to a January high.” You […] read more

Market Talk- January 23, 2018

Asian markets responded better than US cash did upon the news of settlement between the US House of Representatives and the Senate. The BOJ keeps rates unchanged certainly eased some concerns, but even that news did not spur too much reaction with the Yen/USD exchange rate. The Nikkei closed over the 24k level and is […] read more