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French Parliament – Nullified – Get Ready for More Civil Unrest

After months of controversy over the labor market reform that was designed to end excessive socialism in France, the French Government has bypassed the final vote in Parliament altogether. Given the resistance in his own camp, Hollande and the Prime Minister Manuel Valls in the National Assembly are using a special rule that allows them […] read more

Losing Sleep Over Banks

QUESTION: Hello Martin, If i have exposure to various banking counterparties in europe – what do i do from running a fund mgmt business as i m a bearish on banks….but i cant shut my business as i m fearful of banks…..what do you advise….how can one hedge or think about getting away from this […] read more


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Comey kept you in prison without any charges under the pretense of contempt. Then he supported a lifetime gag order on you to prevent you from ever helping the Japanese against HSBC, which is notorious for laundering money. Well Comey was also a board member of HSBC whose clients also contributed more […] read more

Denmark First to Prosecute Refugee for Rape

The horror of refugees getting away with raping European girls because politicians do not want to admit what they have done is just insane. However, this self-serving police is starting to give way. A 24-year-old refugee asylum seeker from Iran, not Syria, made an initial court appearance on Monday to face charges of having raped a […] read more

European Economic & Refugee Crisis

Angela Merkel has finally admitted that she essentially invited terrorists into Germany, and thus to Europe, in the obvious wake of the Nice attack. Besides security, this will have a major impact upon the economy of Europe as tourists are frightened away. Even prior to the Nice attack, the US State Department put out a travel alert for Americans […] read more

Hillary’s Scandals Causing Crash in Her Polls

Ever since Comey laid out all the evidence on Hillary, her polls have been collapsing and she is now dead even with Trump. On top of that, the FBI investigators had to sign a gag order. What else are they covering up? Hillary’s email scandal is far bigger than most people realize. They point to her selling the […] read more

May Becomes PM in Britain & Boris Becomes Foreign Secretary

Theresa May became the new Prime Minister of Britain on Wednesday and formally met with the Queen to ask permission to lead her government. May is now embracing BREXIT as such members are dominating her cabinet and on top of that, May made the main Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson her foreign secretary. May is positioning […] read more

Lynch is Clearly Compromised by Comey

What is beginning to surface is that there has been a rift between Comey and the Obama Administration. Lynch is refusing to answer any question into Hillary’s emails before the House Judicial Committee. She claims it would be “inappropriate” for her to answer and tells them to talk to Comey. She said, “As attorney general, […] read more

Understand the Models – Bringing it All Together

QUESTION: Marty; You do not reply just on cycles. Your Reversal System is incredible. That seems to be something nobody can match. Then you also use your proprietary technical analysis and your Global Market Watch is purely pattern recognition that is also highly unusual. So I am correct in that no single model produces the […] read more

Market Talk — July 11, 2016

After Abe’s comment this was an awesome day for the Nikkei and laid the ground for Asia markets combined. A 4% rally for Japan with a 1.5% improvement for the Shanghai whilst Hang Seng made just a marginal improvement. The Upper House elections saw Japan’s Abe party secure a landslide victory in the Sunday election which promised […] read more