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Gold & a Rally for $40,000 By Year-End? Come on!

COMMENT: Marty, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your work. I lost more than half of my savings following the goldbugs. I saw the light and sold on this last rally you called would be a “pop”. You called the low perfectly and then nailed the very day of the high. I can […] read more

Rothschilds – Fact or Disinformation to Protect the Guilty

  The conspiracy promoters are just not satisfied with the fact that we are screwed and perhaps nobody is in charge to stop or push anything. The days of the Rothschilds owning banks and financing wars is old history, Yet to this day, they paint this family as behind everything. This to me is PROPAGANDA […] read more

China Copies NSA but by Legislation

China will most likely pass a very far-reaching counter-terrorism act which adopts by legislation everything the NSA has been doing illegally behind the scenes and Congress along with Obama have endorsed. China will require technology firms to hand over encryption keys and install security “backdoors” just as the NSA has done secretly. China is effectively […] read more

Bank of England Under Investigation for being TOO Friendly with Banks

The biggest problem we have with central banks is that they are run by academics with ZERO real world experience. This applies not just at the Fed, but most central banks with the lone exception of Bank of China. The greatest danger this presents is that the money-center banks manipulate the central bankers during states […] read more

Global Warming Crowd Want More Money to Study of all Things – the 4 Seasons

Well Putin must have figured a way to send the cold Siberian Winds over the top of the globe through Canada and all the way down into Florida where it fell to even 30 degrees in Clearwater. Since man can alter weather by turning on his cars, clearly Putin must have turned every car, truck, […] read more

Supreme Court Justice WVa Found in Questionable Circumstances

  In the real world, any possible question of impartiality DEMANDS recusal of a judge. Today, law firms are afraid to ask for recusal because Judges retaliate. If that is where they practice, well that comes before your best interest – their business. The degree of corruption in the American legal system is just off […] read more

Australia Proposes to Fine Foreigners for Investing in their Country

Of all the brain-dead solutions to international capital flows I have ever heard, this one coming from Tony Abbott in Australia tops the cake. He refuses to review the negative-gearing that is a socialist’s dream in home buying, but he wants to impose fines and civil penalties on foreigners buying property in Australia. Good on […] read more

Global Warming v Environment

QUESTION: Martin Your writings have brought me from the global warming is a “fact” side back to the undecided. I understand the cycles you are speaking about but I still cannot understand how we dismiss the horrible effects man places on this world between emissions, plastic, garbage, knocking down entire rain Forrest’s fracking I’m mean […] read more

The Curiosity of a Number

A lot of questions have come about the prophecy of Saint Malachy (1094 – 1148). Whether or not this is valid or made up when it was published in 1580 and attributed to him I do not know. My curiosity emerged from the number for the last Pope – 112. I stated that I discovered the ECM […] read more

Russia’s Central Bank Biggest Buyer of Gold

  COMMENT: Hello old friend. I really cannot believe how naive these goldbugs are about the real world. Russia’s buying of gold is not a bullish gesture for gold whilst it is merely because the Obama administration is trying to get the Russians to overthrow Putin. Shutting down Russians from commerce only sends them to […] read more