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Does Bill Clinton Have Alzheimer’s?

A number of emails have come in since the rumor mill is now circulating that Bill Clinton has Alzheimer’s disease. In July, I wrote that my sources in Hollywood had said that Bill was not as sharp as he used to be. It has now even made the National Enquirer, but of course, they exaggerated what is going on and claimed […] read more

A Review of “Hillary’s America”

I went to go see “Hillary’s America.” When I Googled to see where it was playing, there were a bunch of pro-Hillary sites at the top of the page. Nevertheless, about four down, I finally came to the movie. The movie was different than I expected. It went through the history of the Democratic Party, […] read more

FBI Release Notes of Hillary’s Interview

Hillary has claimed that Comey said she was honest and truthful in her interview recasting the whole controversy. Now, the FBI sent lawmakers notes on its interview with Hillary Clinton about her use of a private email server, as the State Department confirmed that it will release several thousand work-related messages that Clinton failed to […] read more

Market Talk August 17th, 2016

There appeared little reason the JPY to strengthen as much as it did yesterday during any of the sessions but that said, we did see 99.75 at one stage yesterday. No-one knew why and so in Asia back it traded to 101 again. In late US trading we have seen another attack at the par […] read more

Department of Labor Regulating Your 401K April 16th, 2017

The financial services industry is undergoing its greatest upheaval perhaps in more than 35 years because the government came up with a brilliant new idea to pretend there is a crisis that they need to step in to save you. I have warned that there has been talk about taking over 401K funds which are […] read more

Nixon v Hillary

Richard Nixon was accused of being corrupt because some supporters back in the 1950s set up a fund he could use for political purposes. When it came out about this fund, it was touted as corruption. Nixon’s political career was on the line. He was chosen as Vice President by Ike who was a general […] read more

Market Talk – August 11, 2016

Yet another rather uneventful session made even worse by the fact that Japan had a national holiday. Early trading in the Shanghai tended to follow the weak US sentiment but despite flipping in both directions, eventually closed down but above the psychological 3k level. Hang Seng performed well and it could be said took a […] read more

Europe on the Brink of Complete Chaos?

There are so many incidents with the refugee crisis in Europe that the blog could be filled with that subject alone. Even the press in Germany is starting to shift after countless incidents from knife attacks to a gang beating and robbing British tourists in the same square in Cologne, Germany. Not to mention the media’s […] read more

Collectibles Still Going Strong

A Wayne Gretzky rookie card sold for a record $465,000. He is known as the “Great One” and retired as an NHL player in 1999. This shows that the collector’s market seems to be doing well. Bill Gross, who now co-manages the Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund, sold a portion of his stamp collection for $4.5 million. […] read more

If Everyone Followed Socrates Would Anything Change?

QUESTION: Hello, Mr. Armstrong. Some years back, I asked what would happen if everyone knew about the ECM. You provided an answer on your blog. Now, that the trader version of Socrates is soon to be made available for the public…: What happens to the trading community (market makers / service providers / traders) when you (through […] read more