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Tsipras meets Putin – Obama Reducing America as Superpower

  Brussel’s sheer stupidity in pushing Greece to pay debts nobody else honors is absolute madness. The proposal we set forth at the Solution Conference is far deeper than many realize at first sight. Eliminating government debt at the federal level will save Europe for with this sort of debt-equity swap, which precisely Putin is […] read more

The 6th Wave

  QUESTION: Marty, I remember you displaying a chart on the fall of Rome and the ECM. Do you have that one to show again? KW    ANSWER: Here is that chart. The last Sixth Wave marked the peak in the Roman Empire. Every historian has drawn the line to mark the beginning of the […] read more

Socrates Demonstration

COMMENT: Marty, the demonstration of Socrates at the conference was mouthwatering. With everyone in less than 6 months claiming to have artificial intelligence is really laughable. I understand the tremendous amount of work you have done is just the front end process. Your system is way beyond artificial intelligence. That is why so many people […] read more

US v Europe

COMMENT:  Dear Marty, My favorite part of The Solution is that it is so logical. If something can move us forward from this mess in which we are that is logical thinking, it has always been and will always be our specie’s best resource.It has taken me days to digest the information, not because I […] read more

NY Times July 12th, 1998

The New York Times July 12, 1998 A Great Big Bounce for Bucks & Bonds by Gretchen Morgenson Market Watch, Front Page Section Like a beach ball held under water and then released, the dollar popped up again last week. The dollar index, a measure of the value of the Unted States currency against 10 […] read more

Rand Paul moves to Repeal FATCA

  Senator Rand Paul this month introduced a bill to repeal FATCA. This Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is by far the single worst act in history and it is primarily the cause of setting in motion a global depression of untold proportions. If we do face a Dark Age, this will be the very […] read more

Can the Fed Just Cancel the Debt?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, If QE is not inflationary, then why are you proposing debt-for-equity swaps? What’s the point. Why not monetize 100% of all deficits and then simply have the central bank cancel the debt? Also, why don’t you ever entertain the idea of a free banking system? Why does government need to be involved at […] read more

Breakdown of Debt

QUESTION:  Mr. Armstrong, I have been eagerly awaiting your Solution and am trying to wrap my head around it. Can you explain more about the debt to equity swaps? What exactly would the debt be swapped for? PS: In your latest blog, you mentioned repealing the “13th” amendment. That gave me quite a shock until […] read more

Solution Conference

  I would like to thank everyone for participating. This event may have been the largest financial conference in history with more than 5,000 attending from 47 countries. If everyone watched bringing just one friend, then we probably exceeded 10,000. The whole purpose of this event was to start the ball rolling with a discussion […] read more

We Are Moving to A New Server Due to Huge Demand

  There has been an unbelievable response to the Live Streaming Event from around the world. We are moving everything to a larger server and new links will be sent out by tomorrow. This is far beyond anything we ever anticipated. After the live stream, everything will be up one another server withing a couple […] read more