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Goldman Sachs & Hillary Clinton – A Marriage Made in Washington

Hillary Clinton is already bought and paid for, She netted $400,000 for giving two speeches for a few minutes at Goldman Sachs. This is by no means a speaking fee. This is what I believe is outright bribery. A speaking fee will be $35,000 to $50,000 tops. She has nothing to offer Wall Street for […] read more

ECM Observations = Always Fascinating

COMMENT: Hi Martin, Fantastic data and research (as always).  I was kind of surprised (never made the connection) by one of the images you posted. Your image shows the Eurozone peaking in 2004.53.  There are a few circular events that also occurred around that time. Greece was about to host the Olympics for the first […] read more

VOD Screening Extended for One Week

People from more than 44 countries have been watching the VOD screening of “The Forecaster”. To show the film, the producers had to get permission from the distributors, because rights were sold to theaters and TV. The film is blocked in many countries in Europe right now, but the distributors have agreed to allow the […] read more

There Comes a Time We Must Stand Up

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, On one of your blogs yesterday you wrote the most chilling comment I’ve ever read on your site, to the effect that you don’t want to live in the world that we’re going into (provided we get there, of course). It’s most chilling for a host of obvious reasons, as well as […] read more

The Fractal Nature of Capital Flows – Government Running Wild

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, If bull markets are defined by currency flows, how do you explain the fact that the Chinese stock market has over doubled in 12 months? Thank you. ANSWER: I have learned over the years that if someone does not want to listen, you cannot convince them of anything, for their mind […] read more

Can Europe be Saved?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I find it truly enlightening that you told the European Commission from the outset this idea of the euro would fail because of a faulty structural design. Do you think there is any way to save the European system now? ANSWER: Unfortunately, I believe the entire European project is completely dysfunctional and it […] read more

An EU Army to face Russia? Who do you think you are kidding, Mr. Juncker? – Nigel Farage

  Nigel is a former trader. That profession trains you to see the world as it really is, for those who cling to theory go broke quickly. Nigel is not a lawyer, as the rest of the bunch occupying government around the world. So that means everything, for we cannot solve the crisis we are […] read more

Income Tax Has Been Highly Destructive to Society

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I understand the income tax was introduced in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve. Is it possible for a nation to survive without an income tax? HG ANSWER: Income taxes are a product of the Marxist period. This is when class warfare became dominant. People actually argued that it was unjust […] read more

Change Never Comes Without the Pain

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I can talk till I’m blue in the face and it just does not matter! I say to people they are going to ban cash because of taxes and cash is not traceable, try as I might 1 out of 50 people see it. What a shame. I agree when you say […] read more

Fed’s Ability to Create Money From Thin Air

QUESTION:  Thank you for the explanation about what fractional banking is. It clarifies the real intent and impact of this issue on the economy. Would you please then explain what quantitative easing is? It appears as if this is indeed the creation of money out of thin air. cs ANSWER: This is a different animal […] read more