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Market Talk

Today was a very busy day for most assets classes. First there was news over weekend that S&P may look unkindly on the UK over Brexit issue (cable was weaker than euro but is recovering towards the end of the day). Greece, never out of the news, despite weekends, has been on your screens all […] read more

Market Talk

Interesting day all around… European bonds are weaker from the opening rumors of unwinding the yen carry trade as a result of the stronger JPY (on Abe’s comments) resulting in 10-year bund trading briefly above 1% and the U.S. 10-year note at 2.50%, but then retail appeared and the bounce continued throughout the day – […] read more

Brussels & the Trend Toward Authoritarianism

QUESTION: Dear Mr Armstrong, I hope your well. Please could you elaborate on your post: “Consolidating all the debt in the EU” Of course you were correct and if these brain dead idiots had listened to you they would not be in this mess but surely the EU exploding with a sovereign debt crisis is […] read more

VELOCITY of Money Below Great Depression Levels

The New York banks have been my adversary, to say the least. Alan Cohen, the court receiver put in charge of running Princeton Economics, was simultaneously on the board of directors of Goldman Sachs. When the SEC said the contempt should end, Cohen lied to the court to keep the contempt going, without even receiving […] read more

The War on Cash Is Going Completely Nuts in Europe

Austria is where the Sovereign Debt Crisis began with a bank failure in 1931. Today, Austria continues to have a raging controversy over the abolition of bank secrecy. Just look at how far they are going against the citizens because of bank mismanagement, once again, and it is scaring the hell out of a lot […] read more

Swiss Agree to End Bank Secrecy Betraying Their Own Country

Switzerland has caved in entirely and has sealed its own demise. Everything that made Switzerland the place to be, from religion to economic freedom, is becoming lost thanks to bureaucrats. Switzerland began as a tax revolt; William Tell would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what this country has just done. Swiss […] read more

Nyenrode University

Yesterday, I spoke by invitation at the prestigious Dutch Nyenrode Business University, situated on a 13th century estate with its own genuine castle, moat, and drawbridges. This is the only university of its kind with such a unique atmosphere and remains the only private university in the Netherlands, which explains the invitation. The questions were interesting, to say […] read more

Hillary Clinton’s Lucrative Life of Crime

It is very interesting how outside of the U.S. people see Hillary for who she really is What is really interesting is that outside the USA, everyone sees Hillary for what she really is — a greedy politician. Of course, MSNBC would never say a bad word against Hillary for she walks on water. When […] read more

New York Justice System Exposed

Last night in Munich, lawyers in the audience debated when and if the collapse in the U.S. Justice System could happen in Germany. What the film is exposing is very important from a legal perspective. New York is starting to come under pressure because of the film, and I bet that there will be an […] read more

Goldman Sachs & Hillary Clinton – A Marriage Made in Washington

Hillary Clinton is already bought and paid for, She netted $400,000 for giving two speeches for a few minutes at Goldman Sachs. This is by no means a speaking fee. This is what I believe is outright bribery. A speaking fee will be $35,000 to $50,000 tops. She has nothing to offer Wall Street for […] read more