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They Are Tapping Phones in New Zealand – Is this really Terrorists or Taxes?

A reader from New Zealand contributed this: COMMENT: Martin Happening in New Zealand SR Telcos reveal over 70 secret phone taps for govt By Patrice Dougan 5:00 AM Saturday Jun 7, 2014 Vodafone says there were 34 NZ warrants for phone interceptions by four Govt agencies in 2013. Photo / Thinkstock Phone companies have revealed […] read more

China now Brands Windows 8 as a Spy Tool for NSA

Real bad news enough for Microsoft is emerging over this entire spying of the NSA. A state-backed news report broadcast on China’s CCTV that has now branded the operating system as a threat to China’s cybersecurity, and suggesting it is being used to spy on Chinese citizens. The NSA is destroying America’s reputation and its […] read more

The $19 Trillion in Retirement Accounts

QUESTION: Thank you for your blog.  You put a lot of work and knowledge into it.  Again, thanks. When you talk about $19 Trillion in pensions in the USA I take that to mean “pensions.” But then you said “retirement accounts” or retirement savings”, which may include IRAs. Do you foresee all forms of tax-advantaged savings […] read more

The Destruction of the World Economy

The Senate subcommittee has been examining tax avoidance by multinational companies. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Hewlett-Packard Co. and Apple Inc. have all been the subjects of previous hearings by the panel. The 2013 investigation into Apple uncovered a subsidiary that earned $30 billion over four years with no home for tax purposes. The subcommittee also has investigated […] read more

Getting off the Grid

A host of emails have come in on this subject from did non-Americans have assets seized by USA after 1934 to can real estate be used to the extreme won’t they just confiscate all traceable assets. If you are going to look at real estate to shelter assets, you should look at Texas and Florida. Typically, […] read more

Thatcher & the Euro

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You were a key player in Britain and the euro. That is well-known in private circles here in the UK. You were friends with Thatcher’s personal economic advisor Sir Alan Walters. I believe John Major’s government called you in September 1992 when Major was forced to float the pound as Thatcher had […] read more

One-World Government – Impossible / One-World-Currency Inevitable

COMMENT: Hello Martin, Finally you have raised the issue of the “global currency reset.” I have always been of the same opinion expressed by you that in a floating currency regime an administrative devaluation is not possible. What would be the basis of the new reserve currency? A link to a metal or to a (somewhat) floating […] read more

Comment From Scotland

COMMENT: Actually the SNP won the Scottish Parliament in May 2007 at the turn in ECM, breaking the stronghold of Unionist parties. This was the start of the breaking of their control I previously explained to you the 309 years from 1707 to 2016 (independence date hopefully). So us Scots are sticking to the program. Thanks […] read more

First Time in British History 3rd Party Wins! Welcome the Rise in 3rd Parties

I have been warning that the economic pressure began in Europe. It began precisely to the day on Pi following the 2007.15 turning point. This same turning point from the previous wave pinpointed the 911 attack. That said, this was significant. I have been saying the dollar will be the last to fall – not […] read more

Historic Trade Deal Russia & China – Will this Dethrone the USD?

QUESTION: My question is this: Russia and China making bilateral trade not using USD, China doing so with other countries etc. the buzz now is USD falling from grace. Yet is seems to me that as long as currencies out there are relating in any way with USD, and oil is priced in USD then […] read more