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Oil & BIG BANG – the Government Funding Crisis on a Global Scale

Saudi Arabia pumped a record 10.564 million barrels per day in June, showing that as prices decline, a record level of production is unfolding. Governments in the Middle East have budgets that are now in serious trouble. As oil prices decline, output is increasing beyond OPEC quotas because they need money to make up for lost revenue […] read more

The View on Gold and Silver

QUESTION: Thanks for the latest posts.I have 3 queries if you care to consider them. Some years ago you used to say $5000 and $12000 when contemplating gold’s upside.Now the latter seems out of reach.Can you indicate what caused you to change your mind? Secondly, regarding a possible Republican Presidential victory, does this correlate with a […] read more

Hillary, Biden, Trump, and Boehner

Behind the curtain, more and more Democrats are urging Joe Biden to run for president, since the Inspector General suggests that Hillary be criminally investigated for deleting emails and taking hundreds of millions of dollars for her pretend charity from foreign governments while acting as Secretary of State. Our computer model warns that the Democrats […] read more

The Supply Side of Gold

A gold standard has never worked for one primary reason: the “money supply” cannot increase based upon economic conditions or politicians, rather it can increase due to new discoveries. This introduces the same flow concerned fiat money. The 19th century was plagued by the gold discoveries in California, Alaska, and Australia. Likewise, the discovery of […] read more


QUESTION: Hi Martin, I like that you are very open minded when in comes to future tech which will change the world and dogmas (like electric cars and gas becoming obsolete etc.). One of these things is also electronic money which will make physical money obsolete as well. I am just curios why you put […] read more

The Flight From Gold – A Fall From Grace

Why have gold investors taken flight from gold as it falls from grace? The sophistry that has fueled gold is being exposed. The gold promoters spun their latest tale by raising unrealistic high hopes for China as their savior as they were buying gold and would use it to back their currency. They tout that […] read more

Sea Ice in Arctic Sea Expanded by 33% As Earth Turns Colder

The BBC has reported that the sheer volume of Arctic sea ice increased significantly by about 33% after an unusually cool summer unfolded in 2013. Researchers confirm that the same pattern of sea ice expansion has taken place in 2014. The BBC reports that the scientists involved believe changes in summer temperatures have a greater impact on ice than […] read more

The Long Depression – the First Great Depression

What actually constitutes the Long Depression has been debatable, for at first it was called the Great Depression, and then that title was transferred to the 1930s. Consequently, some limit the term Long Depression to the worldwide price recession beginning in 1873 and running through the spring of 1879. Six years is not exactly a “long” depression, that in […] read more

Talks with Greece Collapse

The EU is simply self-destructive. There was no way to merge all these economies together without debt consolidation from the outset. The euro will collapse and break apart. Brussels is just brain-dead for they cannot force austerity upon the rest of Europe with the upcoming economic decline. Talks at an EU Summit with Greece collapsed. […] read more

China – The Bounce

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong. Everyone knows why the bankers hate you. They say you have way too much influence. You come out and say Shanghai should bottom tomorrow and it does. Obviously, you are the man no matter what you say. RN REPLY: We have a model that is great on time and price, but that […] read more