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Everything has moved to the extreme, which we will discuss tomorrow. In gold, our opening pivot point for today jumped to 1220.73. That meant an opening below warned we should close lower, which we did slightly. But the low on the first Benchmark took place 51.6 (6 x 8.6) months from the 2011 high and […] read more

Market Talk – February 8, 2016

With most of the Asian markets closed, many were expecting a steady, easy opening Monday to start the week. The Nikkei cash managed a close above the much talked 17k level (+1.1%) and even saw the ASX clamber into an unchanged close. However, just 90 minutes into the European session dealers remarked that Bank stocks […] read more

Gold & the Dow

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, I have a question for your Blog . Do we need a falling dollar, like today, to see Gold rise? Thank you SH Germany ANSWER: No. When the majority begin to see that the government is really in trouble, gold will rise with stocks as they did going into 1980 as well as […] read more

Blending Time, Price, and Pattern Recognition

Professional Analysis vs. a Fool’s Game The way people try to judge one analyst against another is like saying, “Oh, he is right and someone else is wrong.” That is unprofessional because OPINION is irrelevant and NO ONE can be correct all the time. It is humanly impossible to forecast the future based upon what someone “thinks” will or will not […] read more

Euro Crisis & the Dollar

  We are finishing up the world currency reports. The reports are not ready at this time, but we will make an announcement once they are available. As we stated at the conferences, nothing appears ready to break before May. Nevertheless, the crazy period ahead appears to be the 2017-2020 time frame. The euro held […] read more

Market Talk – February 1, 2016

Despite a better than previous Chinese PMI release (48.4 against a previous 48.2) it was not what was expected (48.6) and so the Shanghai Index just could not make headway and eventually closed down 1.8%. Japan, on the other-hand, was still trading better (+1.8%) on the negative interest rate route as money looks for bargains […] read more

Arbitrary Imprison Exists in the United States

Can someone in the United States be imprisoned for life without any “description” of any possible crime? The answer is absolutely YES. After HSBC plead guilty and agreed to return all the money they had taken from our corporate accounts, Alan Cohen and Tancred Schiavoni decided to violate my human rights and insist that I […] read more

Crude – Is it Over? Or Just Another Fake-Out?

Crude has made a slight bounce, but it need desperately to close above $32.35 today just to pause. There is no change of a real reversal in trend here. Crude would need to closing above the $38.35 area just to hint that the low might be in place. Our timing targets are still pointing to […] read more

Market Talk — January 25, 2016

Asia’s response to the late U.S. rally in stocks was to play catch-up this morning with all core indices closing up around 1% (roughly where they opened). The ASX followed the surge in oil prices with a gain of almost 2%. Rumors around the market that the BOJ has furthered easing plans helped sentiment, so […] read more

The Fed vs. Congress

QUESTION: Hi Martin, How long has the central banking era been going and will it come to an end? How many central banks create liquidity for governments by buying their bonds? Cheers SL ANSWER: I understand that central banks have been demonized and the great conspiracy centers around their ability to create money. Creating money is […] read more