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The Political Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Capitol Hill Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung for lobbyists to fill with care, In hopes that bankers soon would be there; The politicians were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of Global Warming Taxes danced in their […] read more

Qatar Leaving OPEC

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You are a personal friend of the royal family of Qatar. Would you care to share your inside knowledge of Qatar leaving OPEC? KR ANSWER: Just for the record, I was a friend of Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed al-Thani who was a member of the Royal family of Qatar. We were probably the two biggest collectors […] read more

US Bank Reserves 10% – EU Bank Reserves 1%

QUESTION: What mechanism prevents banks from creating fraudulent electronic deposits of currency? As an IT systems admin, I have the ability to add / subtract / adjust ERP systems inventory / costing outside the normal users ability. I could add widgets to the system at will, but fraud can’t be sustained very long, as the […] read more

USA v Euro Capital Flows

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your forecast that the capital flows would shift from the EU to the USA I believe has been confirmed by both the European bond markets and share markets. The German DAX is trading below the low created in 2017 while the USA is trading above it. Is this confirmation that your […] read more

Central Banks Looking at Creating Their Own Cryptocurrencies

The IMF has recommended that all Central banks should issue their own cryptocurrencies. Indeed, they are looking at using Block Chain to keep track of taxes and to enforce negative interest rates with cryptocurrencies which would allow them to impose negative interest rates whenever necessary. With adopting cryptocurrencies that governments would control, we will come one step closer to losing all […] read more

Midterm Election Recap

It looks like we will not have the final number on the MidTerm Elections at least until tomorrow. There are more than a dozen races across multiple states that are too close to call which include contests in Arizona, Florida, and Montana for the U.S. Senate and in Georgia for governor. There is a Senate special […] read more

US Political 2018 Midterm Elections

  On the one hand, the Midterm Elections really mean nothing. The Democrats cannot reverse their declining trend since they peaked with FDR, and the Republicans cannot deliver the final death blow to the Democrats to put them out of their Marxist misery.  While we have provided the target ranges for the vote, we also […] read more

BREXIT to be Signed by the Pi Target – November 21st, 2018?

COMMENT: Dear Martin I am once again in awe of your mighty computer. I refer to today’s announcement by Dominic Raab that a deal on Brexit should be ready for the 21st November. I am concerned that the UK Parlament will agree to this deal, which is a sell-out of all the main reasons we […] read more

How Politicians Are Creating the Worst Economic Crash in History

Politicians have totally and completely misunderstood the trends within the global economy and as a result, they are actually creating one of the worst economic debacles in history. I have explained several times that the bulk of investment capital is tied up in two primary sectors – (1) government bonds and (2) real estate. Because […] read more

Saudi Arabia Crazy Hail Storms Going Nuts & Avenatti Playing Games?

    COMMENT: Dear Marty, This is interesting weather change in Saudi Arabia. We usually have the air-conditioning running 24/7 365 days a year. And now… Also, I found your blog on Avenatti very interesting…. If he runs for President, and it looks like he is planning on doing so, he could be the man […] read more