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Saudi Arabia – Behind the Veil

It is becoming more apparent to the world that indeed it was Saudi Arabia behind the Syria event and now they are pissed-off at the US for not invading so they get their pipeline. Oil has been used as a political weapon, but as the US is emerging as energy self-sufficient, the power the Saudi’s […] read more

Was Navy Seal Team Six Murdered Thanks to Joe Biden?

The death of Navy Seal Team Six is being called another conspiracy blamed on Joe Biden for even blabbing who killed bin Laden as pointed out by the Washington Times. Congress was to begin an investigation, according to The Hill, but the lack of faith in government has led to the accusations that they were […] read more

Obama Opposed Raising the Debt Ceiling in 2006

The Washington Post has noted that Obama was opposed to raising the Debt Ceiling back in 2006. Here is his actual speech. March 16, 2006 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD—SENATE S2237-2238: “Mr. OBAMA. Mr. President, I rise today to talk about America’s debt problem. The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is […] read more

Lower the Liquidity = Greater the Volatility

The hike in VAT to 19% targeting collectors that will apply to silver coins is a bit convoluted yet, but so far it appears that buyer’s purchasing from German auctions and living in Germany will have to pay that tax. There is a lot of negotiating still going on at moment so we’ll see once […] read more

What About Gold – Hoarding – & the Reserve Dollar Status

The Debt Ceiling Crisis has done far more damage than anyone suspects. It has drawn attention to the Sovereign Debt Crisis by highlighting the national debt and then the “Conservatives” are targeting the Republicans who voted to end the shutdown. While it may be admirable that someone is trying to address the debt crisis, shutting […] read more

The Solution

QUESTION: Dear Mr.Armstong Reflecting on your thought written “Solutions” is the QE process partially accomplishing the thought of eliminating Public Debt and just print money for Government services. Federal debt of $17 trillion, of which $11 trillion is held by foreign nations. The remaining $6 trillion can be eliminated with QEs. If there is incentive […] read more

European Banking Crisis – Seizing 10% of Everyone’s Accounts – Hello Cyprus

The European Banking Crisis is getting much worse and the whole structure is crumbling to dust. The banks cannot save themselves. The entire crisis is all about the structural design of the Euro, which the politicians will not address. They failed to create a single national debt and in so doing, the banks then used […] read more

If This is Not DEFLATION – Nothing Is!

Now in the news there is discussion of a 10% seizure of ALL deposits in ALL of Europe to cover this failed experiment called the Euro. In the Greek newspaper HEMPHΣIA, they reported today on Sunday that the new deal to surface now that Merkel is in power will be the seizure of 10% of ALL deposits to go toward the Sovereign Debt […] read more

Will the Republican Party divide in TWO?

QUESTION: No.1: “Today you wrote “Democrats Continue to Try to Destroy Republican Party”….. How does this end?  What is the sequence of events?   When do they come after the wealthy?  How do you protect your wealth? ”  QUESTION: No.2: “I understand the process, but do you ever think logic will prevail? Obama is the President […] read more

Banks Manipulating Markets & the End of an Era

I have been warning that there has been a “Club” that has been targeting market after market to make a quick buck. The LIBOR Scandal has caused the tide to turn as well as having to bail out the banks in 2008 that has fundamentally altered the course of everything. Now the Swiss regulators said […] read more