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Over 100,000 Millionaires/Billionaires Have Moved from NYC to Florida

The Great COVID Migration Interestingly, at least 33,565 New Yorkers exchanged their NY driver’s licenses for Florida credentials between September 2020 and March 2021. In total, during this COVID nonsense, 104,960 New Yorkers made the switch to Florida. New Jersey came in second with 53,901, and the migration has also been from Georgia (48,143), Illinois […] read more

IMF Cryptocurrency is Coming to Dominate the World

The general talk has been that the end of the fiat monetary system is imminent. Central bank digital currencies allegedly threaten the US dollar, according to some very shallow reasoning and a total lack of understanding about why the dollar is even the reserve currency. Beyond that delusion, these people are claiming that cryptocurrency will […] read more

New Zealand is the Poster Child for Schwab

  COMMENT: Dear Marty, New Zealand has been the poster child for the WEF; now the corruption in the government is out there for all to see. A High Court challenge was mounted by a citizens group (Nga Kaitiaki Tuku Iho Medical Action Society Inc. v. Minister of Health and others [2021] NZHC 1107) challenging […] read more

Buri Ram in Thailand Mandatory Vaccines of 2 Years in Prison

    In the Buri Ram, Thailand, Governor Thatchakorn Hatathathayakul, on May 2, ordered the closure of the two villages containing about 400 households or more than 1,000 people. There will be a total ban on people in and out for 14 days. They were not allowed to travel and no visitors. But now, the […] read more

The UN & its Plan to Rule the World

  I have been in meetings over the 40 years of my career, which were always dancing around the idea that we needed a one-world government. There have been those who have tried to get me drunk, hypnotize me to get me on a private jet to some secret place, to try to entice me […] read more

Fintech Banking by Sheer Force of Regulation

COMMENT: Dear Marty Something strange is happening with the European banks. For some time banks such as ING or CITCO have been closing down our company’s bank accounts claiming they cannot do business if the UBO owns more than 25% of the company. Now we are finding it near impossible to open new accounts with […] read more

Political Chaos of 2022

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong Thank you very much for the information you provide about what is going on according to the worlds economy and the scary development we are witnessing in the world. A while ago I think i saw that you wrote something like that the globalists will not succeed to put through the […] read more

Turning Out the Light When the Bankers Leave Town

I have written before how a friend of mine who is very senior at one of the investment banks in New York called to see if I would go to dinner. I thought he was here in Florida to catch a breath of fresh air and relax outside of what use to be called the […] read more

Spain Bans Combustion Engines by 2040 & All Old Cars by 2050

The Spanish parliament has passed an energy transition law to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. “As of today, Spain has a climate law on the basis of which it can resolutely build a green, sustainable, just future with prosperity for all,” said Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Thursday’s parliamentary vote on Twitter. A central […] read more

Swiss Diabolical Cancelation of their Currency

The cancelation of the Swiss currency is a serious issue for they are no longer legal tender already. Much of the 1,000 franc notes reside outside of Switzerland. They are replacing the notes with new ones which is in line with the problem with currency in Europe, to begin with. They are NOT eliminating all […] read more