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The COVID Nightmare is Political

The EU has simply been anti-British for years ever since Margaret Thatcher vowed to keep Britain out of the euro. Now, the EU is saying that Brits, even if vaccinated, must still quarantine for two weeks to visit Europe, citing the Indian variant. Under current restrictions, people from only seven countries, including Australia, Israel, and […] read more

Are Vaccines Safe?

Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine Clash in NYC

New York City may be the melting pot, but that also has its downside. Pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protesters have clashed near Times Square. The tensions in New York City over the conflict between Israel and Hamas illustrate that this is not a conflict that will simply pass. The deep resentment extends through the generations and […] read more

NYC in Crash Mode?

New York City is dying thanks to COVID. It has really killed Broadway. When I would often go to a play, the vast majority were tourists from overseas. I would often listen to the different languages being spoken around me. New York City is clearly dying as a mass exodus has taken place of not […] read more

Gates & Epstein

The egotistical Bill Gates apparently wanted the Nobel Peace Prize like Al Gore for his climate change efforts, or perhaps for his zero CO2 and reducing the population arguments. Gates apparently would send employees to the Nobel ceremonies just in case he was to be awarded some honor. It turns out that Gates believed that […] read more

Google MUM Search Engine – Is it Dangerous?

QUESTION: What is your opinion of this new Google MUM AI search engine? HU ANSWER: It is for complex searches, and it is using a neural net. What you must understand is that a neural net is capable of finding things within a database. It is not capable of original analysis. IBM’s Watson was touted […] read more

Using the Criminal Law to Target Trump & his Family

AG Letitia James revealed her investigation into the Trump Organization has gone from a civil probe to a criminal investigation. This is the way the law is used to abuse people and this is being done to try to prevent Trump from running in 2024 or any of his family. The word is James is […] read more

Resistance is Not Futile only 37.5% of Americans are Vaccinated

  This is a protest in London against the BBC and fake news. I am warning journalists that they better get on the right side. History warns when this all turns ugly, they will be dragging the journalists out for conspiring against the people with the governments, Bill Gates, and Schwab’s WEF. So far, only […] read more

Greater Idaho

COMMENT: I thought you were nuts when you said the US would break up. I apologize. Today we voted here in Oregon to leave the state and join Idaho. Great forecast. WJ REPLY: This is always the outcome. But more importantly, this is also just the beginning. The election of Biden was really disastrous. With […] read more

The Solution to Climate Change is Here

The solution to climate change is here: We have to stop raising beef and switch to insects, as directed by the UN We have to reduce the population by 62% Do this, and we solve all our problems — at least for the survivors. Since they can order vaccines and are completely immune if they […] read more