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Why has Fed Stopped Publishing Weekly Money Supply?

The Federal Reserve has discontinued updating the M1 and M2 weekly money supply series and is instead now updating the series monthly. What is really going on is what I have been talking about and was one of the key subjects behind the book I published – Manipulating the World Economy (5th edition to be […] read more

Collapse in Confidence by Refusal to Vaccinate

COMMENT: Marty, If people trusted the government, then the vaccine campaign would have been successful. The fact they are using money to induce personal choice is telling. The fact they have surplus dosis to send overseas is clear proof. The fact the change in the mask guidelines is still being resisted by Biden and his […] read more

Dr Fauci – the Politician & Stooge of WEF

While Babylon Bee just did a roast of the lovable Dr. Fauci who keeps changing his recommendations and claims almost on a weekly basis, has suddenly said he does not believe that COVID is natural. Hm. I seriously question what is going on now. I have written about how I KNOW that a warning came […] read more

Why BigTech are State Actors & Violate our Civil Rights

As many know, I lived in London years ago. At the upper end of Hyde Park by Marble Arch, there is Speakers’ Corner. That is where anyone could stand up and talk about anything that they wanted. You were free to listen or just walk away. There would often be a crowd, and that was […] read more

Vaccines Are for Sheep?

COMMENT #1: Hello Marty, I hope you are well.   We are living in a “crazy” world. Some states are desperately trying to bribe people to get their poisonous shots. Here in Ohio, there is a program called, Ohio vax a million, where Ohio residents can have a “chance” to win a million dollars or […] read more

FREXIT is Rising

There is a rising minority that is starting to blame France’s prolonged economic decline on joining the euro. They are demanding that Macron take back control of their country. Creating the euro never produced the single interest rate as promised, nor did it transform Europe into the image of the United States. Their misunderstanding of […] read more

Poland Rejected Vaccines in 2010 & Was Proved Correct

The H1N1 swine flu pandemic of 2009-2010 was caused by a new strain of the same virus that caused the Spanish flu — the H1N1 virus. Despite all the scare tactics and the forecasts of a devastating second wave of the swine flu, Poland stood its ground, and the death toll was 145 for the […] read more

Does Fauci’s Daughter Work for Twitter?

The answer is YES. Alison Fauci graduated from Stanford in 2014 and accepted a job at Twitter. She is said to have worked as a software engineer. She had previously posted on LinkedIn that she was focused on developing “ad formats for the Twitter for Android app.” Obviously, her LinkedIn profile has since been made […] read more

Comedy is Dead

I remember going to see Donald Rickles (1926–2017)  at the Latin Casino back in the day. There wasn’t a race, gender, or religion he left untouched. But he always simply exploited the differences in a humorous manner. Back then, if you could not laugh at yourself, you were considered unsociable and something was wrong with […] read more

Trust but Verify

  If they want everyone to get a vaccine, there will be no such trust without independent verification. Lotteries and threats will not carry the day. We have lost the press. We desperately need a REAL independent organization that accepts NO MONEY from any entity. read more