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The UN & its Plan to Rule the World

  I have been in meetings over the 40 years of my career, which were always dancing around the idea that we needed a one-world government. There have been those who have tried to get me drunk, hypnotize me to get me on a private jet to some secret place, to try to entice me […] read more

How the Supreme Court Doomed the US & the West

    I have been warning that those in Washington DO NOT like outsiders. Only 106 republicans out of 196 joined Texas demonstrating that behind the curtain, nearly 50% of republican politicians prefer Trump to leave because he is not one of them. The Supreme Court avoided ruling claiming Texas had no standing which is […] read more

Mysterious Force of Synchronization

There is an enigmatic power which is the true Mysterious Force of Synchronization which exists in everything within the universe from electronics,  biology, all the way to planetary movement. This mysterious force is known to engineers and even the military. In 1831, there was a rather interesting collapse of the Broughton Suspension Bridge in Manchester, […] read more

The Last Total Eclipse was 2days After Signing the Declaration of Independence So Celebrate Today

Solar eclipses have been observed throughout history. As to be expected, they have often been seen as omens along with comets. We hear if the star of Bethlehem that announced the birth of Jesus and the comet that appeared the night Julius Caesar was assassinated, which has been historically recorded on coins proving his divinity. […] read more

New Evidence that World Trade Center was Not a Surprise – More lies?

  Recently, a new tape has emerged from a private camera that was there during 911 filming the collapse of World Trade Center #7 from a different angle – the only one that no plane ever hit. I have stated that the coincidence with WTC7 collapse was a wipeout of evidence as was the Pentagon […] read more

How to Use the Forecasting Arrays

The thing you have to understand about market movement is that we can forecast two type of events depending upon the data being employed. What are turning points, is typically a common question. The timing arrays do NOT forecast a specific event be it a high or a low, it forecasts TURNING POINTS, which can […] read more


Monetary History of England Henry III First Gold Penny of England Introduction Part I 200BC-599AD Part II 600-1153AD Part III 1154-1470 Part IV 1470-1670 Part V 1670-Date Celtic Coinage Gallo-Belgic Armorican Dynastic issues: Atrebates & Regni Cantii Durotriges Trinovantes Catuvellauni Dobunni Iceni Coritani Roman Britain Roman Anglo Saxon 600-775 AD Kings of Northumbria Northumbria Archbishops of York York Kings […] read more

Saint Malachy Prophecy & End of Times in All Religions

COMMENT: Dear Marty Pope Francis is not the last pope Saint Malachy predicted as he shared one Pope office time with Benedict Unique in history). So it is as well very important that in Johns Revelations there is a chapter on the decline of the catholic church. Even more interesting are Marias prophecies in Fatima […] read more

Defunding Police – Is This the Right Choice or the Next Step in Revolution?

All of the protests making this a racist issue have distorted the real problem which remains immunity created by the Supreme Court. We must look at these protests in their historical context for calling them simply racist rather than abuse of power hides them from the view of these events forming part of a revolutionary […] read more

The Plot of the Demigods

QUESTION: Marty, Did you ever think when you studied history, created Socrates, then observed what would unfold in the future would lead you to what we see happening today, in social collapse and the march toward authoritarianism? Truly, wasn’t this like discovering the Rosetta Stone and other mysteries best left untouched? When did it dawn on […] read more