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Can We Help Greece?

A slew of emails have been coming in asking if we would help Greece if they leave the euro. ABSOLUTELY YES! This week we have people in Athens meeting as I write, offering at this stage an informal proposal should the people vote to leave the euro. This would be the GREATEST of all events that would not merely […] read more

The Solution – the ONLY Solution

QUESTION: Can you please explain how your Solution is different than what Central Banks around the world are currently doing  and appear to be poised to expand on?  And how it changes anything? As I understand it your plan is to exchange all national/soverign government debt for private equity credits, which smells alot like a […] read more

Failed Dreams & Destroying Europe

The whole idea of a one world government that began in Europe with the Treaty of Rome was based upon the idea inside Europe that a single government would end war. They never considered that there are two sides to that coin ­– international war and internal war – that we call revolution. As Thomas […] read more

Everything is Complexity = Strength

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I was reading Wired and then I read your example of three states of government. I suddenly realized you discovered something that was unbelievable. You constantly mention that everything is complex like an onion. I know you have also a physics background. You talk about chaos and patterns upon patterns. I read […] read more

Summers Blames People Who Save

We are simply drowning with people in charge who have no real world experience. According to the former US Treasury Secretary and Harvard economist Larry Summers “the world suffers from a savings surplus and therefore threatens to fall into a secular stagnation.” He looks at the world through fogged glasses – not even a rose colored pair. […] read more

Services & Pricing

We will soon release Phase One of Socrates this month as was demonstrated at the Solution Conference. Yes, it has taken longer than expected but we had to be sure the transition to the Web Access would work as seamlessly as possible. We will not be able to open up the ability to talk and […] read more

The War on Cash Is Going Completely Nuts in Europe

Austria is where the Sovereign Debt Crisis began with a bank failure in 1931. Today, Austria continues to have a raging controversy over the abolition of bank secrecy. Just look at how far they are going against the citizens because of bank mismanagement, once again, and it is scaring the hell out of a lot […] read more

Swiss Agree to End Bank Secrecy Betraying Their Own Country

Switzerland has caved in entirely and has sealed its own demise. Everything that made Switzerland the place to be, from religion to economic freedom, is becoming lost thanks to bureaucrats. Switzerland began as a tax revolt; William Tell would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what this country has just done. Swiss […] read more

The Schema Frequency

There are actually three dimensions to the Economic Confidence Model and no, I have never published the third for security reasons. This is the dimension that identifies the sector coming into focus. The wave function of the ECM is far more than just two dimensions, for it is this third dimension that introduces complexity and tests the mind […] read more

This Time It Is Different

For years, I have warned that we will face our worst nightmare – the collapse of socialism. In the death throes of this abomination that even the Ten Commandments listed as a serious sin, equal to “thou shalt not kill”, government will become the ugly beast that will devour society to retain power. Of course, […] read more