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Forthcoming Books

COMMENT: Marty; the books you handed out at the WEC are spectacular. One first edition just sold for $2,000 on eBay. The second edition is going for $300 on eBay but there aren’t many of those either. I just wanted to say thank you for your generous gift to the attendees. The book is worth […] read more

INCONVERSATION with Martin Armstrong & Michael Campbell

A collection of Q&A sessions from our 2019 World Economic Conferences in Rome & Orlando between two of the leading voices in Economics. Over 2 hours of discussion on the current politics and economic trends. read more

The Zombie Apocalypse May Be Here – But it’s the Bird Flu not the Coronavirus

The more traditional bird flu has appeared in the same area of China. The bird flu outbreak was reported Saturday in Hunan, which borders the province of Hubei where the coronavirus broke out in December. Officials said, “The farm has 7850 chickens, and 4500 of the chickens have died from the contagion.” This is a […] read more

The Dow & the Economic Confidence Model

COMMENT: Marty, I have to laugh. Only those who have followed you more 20 years understand you have discovered the hidden order behind the facade. Fantastic call on this turn in the ECM. Once again to the very day in the Dow. And people do not think your model is real? They must be idiots […] read more

Coronavirus & the Numbers

    There have been a number of questions regarding (1) can we trust the numbers from China, and (2) why recoveries are not higher. First, the US has sent the CDC and the WHO is on top of it. There are cases outside of China and so far they display the same death rate […] read more

Seeing Cycles Everywhere Around Us

  For years, it has been a sort of family joke that I view the world around me and see the cycles in everything. I had walked into a casino and noticed there were cycles to the numbers coming out on a roulette wheel, but more fascinating was that the cycles were unique to each […] read more

Coronavirus & China’s Bio-Weapons Lab Conspiracy

There is a conspiracy theory that is running around very fast which portrays this Coronavirus which began in Wuhan may be linked to two laboratories of the Chinese bio-warfare program. This story is making the news but it appears to be just a coincidence at this time. The laboratory is the only declared site in China […] read more

97% Scientists Do Not Agree with Climate Change or the Solution

In 2009, the University of Illinois sent a survey online to about 10,000 scientists with the following two questions: QUESTION #1 Do you agree that global temperatures have generally risen since the pre-1800s? QUESTION #2 Do you think that human activity is a significant contributing factor? Only 3146 responses were received of 10,000, and of […] read more

Biblical Swarms of Locusts Threaten Food Supply to a New Virus that Kills

Many people have been writing in highlighting things around the world that all seem to be taking place with this turn in the ECM. One is the sudden swarm of Locusts into Kenya that the UN has warned presents an ‘extreme danger’ to wipe out the food supply. Sky News reports it as the worst […] read more

The Fate of Europe

This is a special report entitled “The Fate of Europe” which dives into the shocking reality behind the curtain of the Euro and why it has failed to become a major reserve currency. The Fate of Europe is a very important report to understand the backdrop to what we face going forward and the risks both […] read more