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Elon Musk’s War with the SEC

The SEC has moved to hold Elon Musk in contempt in their favorite court – the Southern District of New York. This has been a battle against the SEC whereby just making any comment as a CEO of a public company brings the SEC in against you unless you are one of the bankers. Even […] read more

Persecution – An Economic Symptom?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Is it true that in Spain under Isabella demanded all Muslims convert or leave Spain? Are we facing such a cycle again when we look at the hostility that is growing over religion? KG ANSWER: That is an interesting question. As far as a major religious uprising, we are probably looking at that […] read more

The Divorce Agreement to Avoid Revolution

  Here is something that is going viral. It is the reality of our political-economic situation as we head into 2032 and begin to watch this cascade out of control come 2020. If we do not respect what is written here, there will be no choice for society and it will lead to revolution and […] read more

Hillary’s Connections to Russia-Gate & Schumer’s Resolution to Prevent Any Investigation in the Magnitsky Act?

One of the gaping questions that have gone unanswered is why has Mueller not taken Putin up on his offer to go question the Russian intelligence officer he has indicted in Russia? Putin said he would allow Mueller and his team to travel to Russia and be present at the questioning of 12 Russian military […] read more

Explaining the Fall of Western Society As We Know It

QUESTION: Western Civilization will collapse by 2032. I didn’t expect such a strong comment from you. Specifically, what does this mean? On the level of ancient Rome? Followed by the dark ages or just mediocrity and the rise of the East? GVH   ANSWER: There is a serious risk that after 2032, this will be very […] read more

Did Aliens Just Visit Us?

A number of people have asked what is my opinion of Avi Loeb’s theory that we were just visited by an alien probe. He basically noted strange facts about the probe he called ‘Oumuamua. ʻOumuamua was the first interstellar object ever detected passing through our solar system. Formally designated 1I/2017 U1, ‘Oumuamua was discovered by […] read more

Oklahoma – The State You Must ALWAYS Avoid Driving Through

As there is a drive to eliminate cash, police are engaging in illegal search and seizures of debit cards. More and more businesses are refusing to accept cash, which was noted even at a ball game at Tropicana Field in Florida. They announced that during in 2019, they will no longer accept cash to pay […] read more

New Monetary Theory is Like Sleepwalking

QUESTION: Bernie Sanders was basing his whole economic proposal to just keep spending and make everything free. They seem to be teaching this in school now. This macroeconomic theory whereby a country’s spending is only constrained not by revenue in taxes but by inflation when it creates a sovereign currency. It seems too good to […] read more

Mueller & CNN Staged the Arrest of Stone for PR Stunt

  It very clear that Mueller is acting like any other prosecutor and is using the press for PR stunts. CNN’s reporter David Shortell claimed he had “reporter’s instinct” which led him to get footage of Roger Stone’s pre-dawn arrest, not a tip from the FBI or special counsel’s office. That is about as credible as all […] read more

72% of Democrats Hate Russians When Even Obama Said Russia Did Not Hack the Vote

The question of the Democrats to win in 2020 by constantly investigating Trump and links to Putin is rising to the surface. While the Democrats blame Putin for releasing emails that exposed the corruption within their Party, what is emerging is a very dangerous hate game that can be easily spun into war. Recently, the […] read more