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Canada Will be the Most Impact by a Steel Tariff

Canada is the largest exporter of steel to the United States. The decline in the Canadian dollar has helped this trend in particular. Trump is clueless when it comes to the impact of currency on foreign trade. If he wants to do tariffs, they MUST be indexed to the currency. Failure to do that will […] read more

Q&A with Michael Campbell of “MoneyTalks” Radio

Special Q&A Discussion with Martin Armstrong and moderator Michael Campbell of “MONEYTALKS RADIO” spanning two days at the 2017 World Economic Conference. Topics include: Day 1 Public vs Private Wave Bond Market & Interest Rates Rise in the Dollar Global Shifts in Economic Confidence Day 2 Turning Point Factors Interpreting the Panic Cycle Numbers To […] read more

Welcome to the WEC 2017 Hong Kong

Welcome to the 2017 World Economic Conference Hong Kong. This Conference was selected by our computer to pick the “interesting” times in the markets to ensure this is an interesting conference for everyone. The attendance for this session as always is a mini-UN gathering from around the World. We have a good diverse group from […] read more

Why Are the Markets Coiling?

  The markets have been coiling, and quite frankly, this reminds me of when Pope John Paul II was shot, which was the first attempted assassination of a pope, on Wednesday, May 13, 1981, in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. Mehmet Ali Ağca, a Muslim, shot and wounded the Pope while he was entering the square. It did […] read more

WEC November 10th to 13th – We Added 50 Seats

For the General Public WEC, we sold out as usual. We have worked it out to add another 50 seats. The computer is managing this booking so I have not been on top of availability, I apologize. I have been busy programming and did not pay attention to this since it has been automated this […] read more

Forecast from the Berlin WEC: Europe the Focal Point

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I attended the Berlin Conference. I must say, I am impressed. You said Europe was the problem and this is still unfolding with every passing day. I understand this was not you personally. This is the computer. It can really project the future long term. That is what you were forecasting. I […] read more

Feds Seek Extradition of Scottish Student

Lauri Love is a computer scientist and political activist from Stradishall in the UK. The U.S. is seeking his extradition for allegedly hacking into U.S. government sites for information. His extradition hearing comes in June. If Love is extradited, there is absolutely ZERO chance that he will receive a fair trial in the U.S. federal […] read more

China’s Deserts Expanding

According to statistics released by the State Forestry Administration, China has 2.6 million square km of desert that accounts for 27 percent of the country’s total land area. The desert areas are scattered among 12 provincial-level regions in north China. There is a serious problem on the horizon for China. Following the creation of the People’s […] read more

Collapse of the EU – Is it Inevitable?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; The World Economic Conference was outstanding. Your theme that Europe was the focal point for the coming chaos has been proven valid with each passing day. You have mentioned this is the time that will begin the collapse in public confidence within the EU even surviving. I must ask. Do you believe if […] read more

Does the IMF Follow our Forecasts?

COMMENT: Marty; it is clear that the IMF is reading your forecasts. No such agency has the power to provide any economic forecast whatsoever. The IMF is starting to mimic your forecasts since you said China would decline into 2020 when no one else said that and now Lagarde says China will be a drag […] read more