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Dow for 10-14-2014

  The Dow held the Daily Bearish at 16319. Therefore, if the low of 10/13 holds, we should bounce back into Thursday-Friday. But this would be just a bounce. We can see from the technical chart that once that uptrend line was broken, there was just the collapse. Typically, we would rally back and bounce […] read more

Obama is Out of Control

The United States is wagging its finger at Zimbabwe, threatening to ratchet up sanctions over a plan to develop a platinum mine involving Russian and Zimbabwean companies. Obama is attempting to impose his own rule of law over the entire world – my way or highway. He has no such constitutional authority and this is […] read more

Ebola – The Next Plague/Pandemic?

On Wednesday another American, NBC News reporter in Liberia Ashoka Mukpo was diagnosed with the deadly virus, the channel reported. He is being evacuated to the US for treatment. However, the appearance of Ebola in Europe has not been widely reported. On Friday, Germany confirmed its second case of Ebola, as a man flown from West […] read more

Will the Demise be Plague or Economics?

QUESTION: Hello Marty. I have been reading you even before you’ve had a blog. Always enjoy your articles. You have stated that the global economy will take a dump after 2015.75. You’ve also stated that the plague cycle started this year and will peak in 2019. I read an article the other day that the […] read more

Why the Rich Get Richer

The great evil the socialist/communist economists like the French economist Thomas Piketty who distorts data in order to harp about that the rich always get richer. Piketty is like the Global Warming crowd, if the data disproves your argument – alter it. You are working for a higher cause than just truth. Piketty claims the bottom 90 percent’s […] read more

The Pension Crisis – $2 Trillion Hole in Just Top 25 Funds

Moody’s has reported that the top 25 largest U.S. public pension funds face about $2 trillion in unfunded liabilities. This is what we see as the next great crisis post 2015.75. We are in a very serious economic crisis within the years ahead and we are preparing a very important report on this crisis. We will […] read more

How To Rig An Election in UK – And Anywhere Else for that Matter

Watch on YouTube Stalin was Absolutely Right – Votes Mean Nothing – Elections are decided by those who count. There goes the future of Scotland. This lady somehow really needs to be investigated. Who told her to do this? You can bet it was not her alone. Investigate and she will give up everyone who […] read more

An 18 Year-Old From Scotland Comments:

“It’s the entire thing, the photos/videos, fire drills, fraud, boxes being destroyed, polling stations only providing pencils, apparently postal votes weren’t announced, Jim Sillars has made enquires into an investigation.” The Scottish Reply of an 18 year-old. read more

Was the Scottish Vote Really Scottish?

Being Scottish was actually not the criteria to be able to vote. The entire criteria was residency. As a result, almost 400,000 people living north of the border in Scotland were actually not Scottish but born in other parts of the UK (reported the BBC back in 2012). The number of Scots living in England, […] read more

Salmond Accuses Cameron of Fraud in Scottish Election

Reuters has reported that Alex Salmond has come out and accused the Prime Minister David Cameron of outright fraud. “I think the vow was something cooked up in desperation for the last few days of the campaign and I think everyone in Scotland now realizes that.” Salmond is referring to a pledge by Cameron and other leaders […] read more