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Suburban Wacko, Gun-Toting Zealots v Urban Intelectual Leftists?

QUESTION: Marty, Have you ever done a study that explains why so many people who live in large urban areas are so inclined to vote democratic or for liberal policies which appear to attack people who live outside these areas? It seems no one has ever tried to reconcile these fractures….instead, the media and the left portray […] read more

Market Talk – November 24, 2020

ASIA: Australia has hit out at “needlessly” worsening relations with China, with the country’s prime minister appealing for smaller nations not to be caught in the crossfire of Sino-US rivalry. Morrison insisted Australia wanted “mutually beneficial” relations with both its largest trading partner and the United States, while having the right to pursue its own […] read more

Has Socrates Ever Been Wrong on a Political Forecast?

QUESTION: How long has Socrates been making political forecasts. Was it ever wrong? DK ANSWER: The only election I would say that Socrates was both correct and wrong was that of 2000. It projected that Al Gore would win. Of course, that election went to the Supreme Court and they stopped the count and handed […] read more

Mass Urban Exodus

It is fascinating to me personally how our computer could forecast that real estate would be declining in the major urban centers and rising in the suburbs three years in advance, and then suddenly it unfolds far beyond what even I could have guessed years ago. The trend is significant, and it has been taking […] read more

Trudeau Has Joined the Conspiracy Theorists

Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, has just come out publicly confirming now that Trump is out of the way, they will bring about the Great Reset. They will achieve equality by reducing the wealth and employment of the middle class while the superrich will become the overlords of this new normal. They are deliberately destroying […] read more

Market Talk – November 13, 2020

ASIA: China has extended congratulations to the US president-elect, Joe Biden, becoming one of the last countries to acknowledge his electoral victory over Donald Trump. On Friday, nearly a week after Biden was declared the winner, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin commended the Democratic candidate and his running mate, Kamala Harris. Indian states are expected […] read more

Market Talk – November 10, 2020

ASIA: China’s ruling Communist Party is stepping up efforts to rein in some of China’s most powerful companies, jolting investors and dealing a blow to the country’s richest entrepreneurs. China, on Tuesday, unveiled regulations to root out monopolistic practices in the internet industry, seeking to curtail the growing influence of corporations like Alibaba Group Holding […] read more

The Future & Chaos

COMMENT #1: Marty, Does this all mean that this takeover can make the canceling of physical USD possible, maybe as soon as January to line up with Europe? Previously you responded to my email question on a digital dollar and said that they couldn’t do that since over 70% of cash was held overseas. Can this […] read more

Defending the Future

COMMENT: Dear Martin, I don’t know it anymore. My FEAR is back which a left behind me years ago. I’m not afraid of dying, I’m more afraid of living. I don’t know anymore what to hope or believe. …  Wow, every party just uses the same words and arguments for a better life for ALL….!! […] read more

Market Talk – November 6, 2020

ASIA: Chinese short-video and live-streaming app Kuaishou filed for an initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, CNBC reported. The offering is reportedly expected to raise $5 billion. Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Securities, and China Renaissance are the underwriters, according to the filing. Video game streaming aside, analysts say the video apps […] read more