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The Truth Behind The Fed & the Curtain

QUESTION:  Dear Mr. Armstrong- You seem to hint that Bernanke didn’t want rates to go up especially when there is a ceiling impasse. Yet, he talked about taper/untaper and torchured the market for 3 months to prepare investors for a smooth QE-reduction. Most investors I know were expecting a small taper that could have still been interpreted as […] read more

Changing the Culture of NY Investment/Commercial Bankers

Far too often we quickly forget history – even recent events of just a few years ago. It was on April 27, 2010 during the Senate’s permanent subcommittee on investigating Wall Street’s latest crisis, that the most memorable moment burst onto the scene. Democratic Senator Carl Levin of Michigan held up an e-mail that had been written almost […] read more

Special Reports

Reports are delivered via e-mail to the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery. The International Precious Metals Outlook 2014-2016 ($400) Note: We will release the new 2015 Precious Metals Outlook this November, which will be priced at $500. The 2015 Precious Metals Outlook is not available for purchase at […] read more

FDIC-Bank of England – Bail-In

  Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions A joint paper by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England   10 December 2012           Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England     Executive summary   The financial crisis […] read more

How to Use the Forecasting Arrays

The thing you have to understand about market movement is that we can forecast two type of events depending upon the data being employed. What are turning points, is typically a common question. The timing arrays do NOT forecast a specific event be it a high or a low, it forecasts TURNING POINTS, which can […] read more

What Should the Next Fed Chairman Do?

QUESTION:  “If you were appointed to be the next FED Chairman (after Bernanke), what would you do to solve today’s problem?” M.J. ANSWER: SCREAM! Look for the longest rope, tie it around my neck and jump. The Fed is really powerless despite popular belief. The whole problem breaks down into two parts: 1) We have […] read more

Primary Dealers – the Truth About Their Iron Grip

QUESTION:  Martin, On Page A11 of the IBD today (5/29) a statement was made that seems to fit your claims.  It is something that having been in the business for 24 years I was unaware of.  The entire article is actually quite interesting. Please clarify the following, made in the 4th paragraph; …..BNP Paribas in […] read more

What’s Wrong with Anglo-Saxons?

Neither Hitler or Stalin and certainly not Mao could ever conquer Britain of the United States. The battle cry was always liberty and justice for all. But something has seriously changed. The attitudes of those in power are like some Evil Villain out to plot against the world and are so paranoid, they cannot sleep […] read more

Flash Crash & No Bids – Just Normal Stuff

  JP Morgan, Jr Senate Hearing 1933 A Flash Crash in silver is no different than a flash crash in stocks, bonds, or anything else. It is the same root cause of all panics – the lack of bids. Every  stock market crash ever since 1907 has been followed by an investigation with the theory that […] read more

China Bubble or Breakout?

QUESTION:    I’m a reader from China and one of the big fans of you in our country. I want to ask you a question and would be very happy to get your reply. If my memories are correct, you have been a bull of China and praised Chinese leaders for their competence. But in reality, […] read more