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The 2020-2022 Great Depression Coming to Neighborhood Near You!

Neiman Marcus Group is preparing to seek bankruptcy according to Reuters. I have warned that brick & motor stores are in trouble and this lockdown will ensure that people will not be returning to malls and restaurants as they did before. All of the major retail stores are facing credit downgrades. Forbes has warned many […] read more

Canada Proposing to Imprison anyone who Argues Against the Government & Bill Gates?

  Canada is showing just how ruthless the left can be. They are proposing to create criminal/civil prosecutions against anyone who disagrees with the government and Bill Gates. If you dare question the lockdown, they will throw you in prison? The left always turns Stalinistic. No matter what country, the left will always attack dissent […] read more

Why is WHO Demanding Sweden Lockdown? Because They Show The Lockdown Makes no Difference?

  It is very interesting that the death rate in Sweden is by no means excessive compared to any other Western country that has locked its citizens down. The only restrictions were on gatherings of 50 or more people, and advice such as over-70s being urged to stay at home. Swedish schools, shops, restaurants, and […] read more

The Fate of All Nations

The economy like a man seated on a rock among fallen trees in a forest with his chin propped up by his arm resting on his thigh, while high overhead the wind of change blew breaking the tops of the trees as they fell to the ground. He sat on the top of a hill, […] read more

Q&A 4-7-2020

QUESTION #1: Marty, you always said that gold and the dollar would rise during the monetary crisis cycle. I must admit, the fundamentals always seem to unfold to support your forecast. The article on the dollar shortage is really enlightening. The gold bugs hate you because you do not support their hatred for the dollar. […] read more

The Euro & Digitizing the Currency

QUESTION: Marty, for the people within the EU it is absolutely critical to know what will happen when they go digital! Will there be a currency devaluation for bank deposits and cash? And when is the most likely time for that transformation from cash-to-digital? If there is a devaluation it would make absolute sense to […] read more

Market Talk – March 31, 2020

ASIA: In India, coronavirus cases continue to rise despite a complete lockdown and crossed 1,100-mark yesterday. India reported the biggest single-day spike in new COVID-19 cases at 200 today. As of Tuesday, the number of infected cases in India has increased to 1,300, with 102 recovered cases. The death toll from coronavirus in India has […] read more

Is Trump Nationalizing the Fed?

Here we go with the same old hypothesis over the Quantity Theory of Money that Trump is (1) nationalizing the Fed, (2) the Fed’s actions are worse than the virus, and (3) Forbes proclaims that the Trump & the Fed are destroying the dollar. It is really fascinating how these propositions running around are not […] read more

The Rise of Civil Unrest & the Dawn of Authoritarianism

There are reports of riots beginning in China. In Thailand, one of the most peaceful communities, there was an armed robbery of a 7/11. You cannot shut down the world economy like this. People will begin to riot after 10 days and we will see a sharp rise in property crimes. People are being deprived […] read more

TAX CRS Reporting & Why The European Flight to the Dollar

QUESTION: Marty, To those of us in the eurozone who own physical gold, what would you suggest to do? Thanks for keeping your human heart. Kind regards, KVS ANSWER: I believe you may start to see this idea floated in the press next week. It will probably be voluntary at first. I do not believe […] read more